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Bagua Qi Awaking/Shaking Volume Two: Phoenix: Montaigue


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The Bagua Animals: The Qi Shaking Forms Volume Two: Phoenix.
This title teaches the very beautiful and deadly Phoenix animal Qi Shaking method from Baguazhang. It works upon the lungs and has some very potent attacking Dim-Mak methods using mainly the backs of the palms (like wings). There are 3 areas that we learn in the Bagua Animal Forms. The Animal Forms themselves: The Qi Shaking Methods, which are sort of like a lesser form of the main forms and lastly, the Animal two person training methods which I will be putting down onto video over the coming months.
Tags: bagua, boxing, chi, chinese, chuan, defence, dim, fighting, fu, healing, karate, kung, mak, martial, qigong, self, tai, taiji, taijiquan

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