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How to Uppercut – Boxing Technique from the Boxing for MMA Set


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This video clip is from Volume 1 in the Boxing for MMA with Joe Lauzon set.

Here’s what is included in the Boxing for MMA Set:

Volume 1: Boxing Technique

Learn the seven fundamental strikes and the defense to each, plus how to set them up with angle stepping, the Move and Punch, and the Punch and Move!

Volume 2: Boxing Knowledge

Boxing Knowledge – Discover decades of wisdom including the Cus D’Amato number system, how to hold mitts, how to develop speed & accuracy, boxing vs brawling, DESIRE, and much more!

Volume 3: Striking in MMA (Standing)

Details how Boxing basics must be altered for MMA, plus The Bubble, Fighting a Southpaw, striking to set up a takedown, and attacking inside.

Volume 4: Striking in MMA (Ground)

Slam for destruction and to pass Guard, Striking from top Turtle, Side Mount, Bottom Guard, Inside Guard, Mount, Superman Punch, plus striking into submissions.

Volume 5: Warmup & Basics

How to prepare your body for training, and how to hone your basics to perfection, including stance, footwork, head movement, maizeball, tire, and chindown.

Volume 6: Equipment

How to properly use every major piece of equipment in the gym, including choosing a glove, slip rope, many heavy bags, the light bags, jump rope, schedule, and more!

Volume 7: World Title Workout

If you want to fight, then you need this workout. A deadly dozen exercises that will prepare all your muscles and cardio, plus your heart and mind!

Check it out!
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