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Kun Tao Silat Heavy Bag Training Short Clip


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Video Clip:

3 original disciples

Introduction by Chas

Sigung Gartin and his 2 children doing a family attack on the heavy bag. Kun Tao Silat is a true family art, all members of the family are taught from the age they are willing to try to the age where they can no longer try :)

Sigung Gartin demonstrates heavy bag hand strikes and a few foot strikes a person could incorporate into their training regimen. Coupled with movement and footwork techniques, heavy bag training gives students a moving heavy target that responds to their differing levels of force.

Notice there are no set patterns or techniques used, rather a flowing of force, strikes, movement and reaction. The idea is not to remain static, but to move, strike and flow with your heavy bag. Practice your stances and triangle movements using KTS strikes. Advanced training will employ setup strikes and the infamous hit, hit, hit, power strike combos.
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