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A canadian ninja!


A canadian ninja!
Original Poster: bamboo
Forum: Others
Posted On: 27-04-2007, 19:11

Orginal Post: bamboo: I was surfing the net and found this guy:

A 9th or 10th dan ninja (depends on the site) that founded his own system.

I’ve never met the guy so I certainly cannot judge his skill, so for arguements sake lets assume that he’s really good and of good moral character. Why would someone have to go into all the crazy 10th dan soke stuff in this day and age?

Is this actually good for business?


Post: Triple T:

I could argue either way, but to be positive for a change, I’ll say that it is good for business. Assuming that the soke-ship is meaningful to the art and that the art itself is a legit system and not just a new label on the same McDojo garbage, having a soke adds a certain amount of authenticity to the training at lower levels. In theory, everyone teaching the art has been authorized to do so by this soke, and this soke is of such a high skill and knowledge level that such authorization is meaningful.

The historical background, I believe, has been that the soke was basically the vehicle for the transmission of information regarding the art and as such had control over who learned what, which was important in a day where martial training could be outlawed or when schools would try to shut each other down. Theoretically, the same thing could be true of today. Think if Randy Couture’s Team Quest only got students because of his and his students’ success in the UFC. Then think if Randy and all of his students lost to members of, say, American Top Team. Quest could lose so much money from student tuitions and sponsors that they might have to close their doors while ATT could soar into wealth and prestige. Well, the curriculum and methods of these schools could be protected from imposter students sent to scout them out if a soke-like system were in place to restrict dissemination and ensure accurate replication over time.>

Post: bamboo:

What I enjoyed about your post TTT is that really it could be read in either a negative or postive tone.

Well done.>


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