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Any insight on Chun Kuk Do: Old Forum Topic


Any insight on Chun Kuk Do: Old Forum Topic
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Posted On: 12-03-2004, 17:16

Orginal Post: : Any insight on Chun Kuk Do

Anyone know the skinny on Chun Kuk Do? Is it just a myth or Chuck Norris’ JKD?

Yeah, from what I know Chun Kuk Do is basically legit. It is indeed a style founded by the “legendary” Chuck Norris. It’s based on Chuck’s core art, Tang Soo Do, but has elements from other styles thrown in. From what I can find out, key is “Jujitsu (sic)”, which I assume is BJJ as that’s the only style of jujutsu that I’m aware Chuck has studied.

Never seen it in action so I can’t tell you much more than that. The official site is undergoing construction at the moment, but do a search and you should be able to find out a bit more.


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