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Sword Care


Sword Care
Original Poster: Iron Knuckles
Forum: Others
Posted On: 02-06-2004, 00:51

Orginal Post: Iron Knuckles: While we’re on the topic of caring for weapons, I bought a sword from arjun a while back. Does anyone have any suggestions for caring for it? Maybe some do’s and don’ts?

Post: bamboo:

Please tell us what kind of sword, type of metal, maker, etc.


Post: Iron Knuckles:

Hmmm….it’s a Paul Chen “practical” ninja sword. I’ll try to look up it’s stats a little later. I don’t think it’s anything really special but it’d be nice to know how to take care of it and my many other knives and swords.>


Nothin like fresh blood on a sword to keep that out of the box shine. 😈
Listen to Mr. Bamboo he really knows how to take care of a weapon. True storey he actually climbed into his Smith and Weston to ensure the nozzle was clean 😆 okay maybe it’s not true….but maybe it is. :mrgreen:
For real though Bamboo really knows how to take care of weapons. He’s got a lot of good tips.>

Post: setsu nin to:

I would just like to say first that generaly I dont like to go into discousions like that becouse in my opinion there is much more that we have to know than just how to clean sword…

We are here talking about Japanese swords…
Well first in my opinion you have to get know your sword, so you have to learn:
-what caind of blade you have; Hira Zukuri, or Kiriha Zukuri, or Unokubi Zukuri Kanmuri-otoshi, or…
-all parts of swords blade from Kissaki to the end of Nakago
-Other parts of sword, like Saya, Sageo, Kurikata, Seppa, Tsuba, Tsuka, Menuki (if it have it), Ito, Kashira…

Also there are many diferent parts of blade, and every part can be made in few diferent ways, so you have to know to recognise diferents between diferent parts of blade, for example
-What caind of sugata does sword have; Hira Zukuri, or Kata Kiri Ha Zukuri, or Shobu Zukuri, or Kiri Ha Zukuri…
-What caind of Kissaki does sword have; O Kissaki, or Ikubi Kissaki, or Chu Kissaki, or Ko Kissaki…
-Even you should know what caind of Hamon sword have, is it Sambonsugi, or Toranha, or Suguha…

And all that is not all what you have to know, these are juse some things, not all, there is much more, just about Tsuba you have to learn all diferent tipes, many terms… When you start learning all these you realise why people say that Japaneses made art from sword. Belive me there is all art just about Tsuba…

And now about taking care for sword…
First and moust important, when you work with sword (no metter what you do and no metter which weapon you have in your hands) be careful!!! Its dengerous, every weapon is created to take life, to kill, not for fun.

Taking care for the sword is not so big problem as moust people thing, maybe its problem in begining when you are not shure what and how to do. In my opinion what every you read, hear or whatever ask someone who know who to take care about sword to show you, so that you see it by yourself.
Moust important is to keep sword from two things. First one and moust important is to keep sword from yourself, you have to know that every sword can be demage. Second thing and no so important is rust. You will keep sword from rust with regular cleaning with oil. Yes, thats all. You first have to take to pieces sword, use Mekugi-nuki to remuve peg, do not do it with pen or something like that. Than you have to take blade and to put powder on it and clean it with cleaning paper, so that blade is clean from old oil, dust, powder… When blade is clean put oil on it, but remember that you dont have to drowned your sword in oli, put just little of oil and spread it over blade with special paper (Abura-nuguishi). If you have real sword, be cerefull with swords Nakago, its all written about sword there. If you demage that part of sword you may get from $10000 sword $100 sword in less than few seconds.
Also if you clean sword in that way as I describe, pls go to some sword shop and buy real equipment for cleaning sword, dont clean it with your old pants.
I wrote here how to clean sword, but you realy should to finde someone to show you how to do all that.

In my opinion you should kept sword in some dry place not to hot where are not often changes of temperature. Take care that you keep your sword on stand.

Also pls take care about few things that are realy important. When you work with your sword no metter do you clean it or practice or… (and no metter if its any other weapon).
-make enought space
-keep other people on safe distance
-accident may always happen so be shure that someone is there and that he/she can help you is some accident happen
-if you drop sword DONT try to catch it, you may cut yourself and badly injured yourself
-dont ever pointed top of the blade (or some fire weapon) into yourself or someone other
-while you are cleaning sword keep it on/under desk all the time. Dont try to stand up from chair with blade in your hands or dont put it under your lap. Keep blade all the time that way that if you drop it that blade fall down on the table.
-dont play with weapons, weapons are created to take life to kill, not for playing.

I know martial artist, who practiced Kenjutsu for years (24) and Akikido (13), he had more than 30 years of everyday practicing with sword, he realy liked sword. One day cleaning his sword he drop his sword and reflex he go to cought it. He cut his leg (two cuts), he cut four of his fingers and becouse he demage nervs or something like that he had problems with fingers even today. And in the end and worst he cut off his finger in the foot. He was expert and in one second he do one mistake, so be careful!!!>

Post: setsu nin to:

Also one thing more, if you decide to polish sword or to give it to someone to do that instead of you, just know that to become polisher of Japanese swords you need to spend ten years in Japan learning techniques of polishing Japanese swords to get licence.>

Post: bamboo:

Nicely done Setsu nin to,

Even the samurai gave their sword to others for polishing, it was considered an art unto itself. In the novel musashi, the sword polsher’s sign read “souls polished here”.


Post: Iron Knuckles:

Thanks Setsu for all that info. Unfortunately much of it was over my head, as I don’t really know any of the sword’s parts and such. I do collect many kinds of weapons especially when I go to other countries and would love to learn much more about swords, japanese in particular. I don’t want to ask you to explain everything in your post so would you have any suggestions as to some books I might be able to find that would elaborate on all of this? I would also sometime in the future and if I ever get the money like to buy a “real” sword. However, I wouldn’t know how to go about finding a handmade Japanese sword from a respectable sword smith.>

Post: bamboo:

Your best bet is to contact a sword maker like “bugei trading company” and ask them how to care for your sword.

For a weapon like one you bought, “practical ninja sword”, just don’t use it. You will likely break it if you cross steel with a another sword and maybe hurt yourself or others. This is a show piece to hang on your wall. You can order a cleaning kit from just about any sword maker that will come with instructions. If you one day decide to invest the time and energy into a japanese sword smithed authentically, you will also want to learn how to use it properly. The most damage comes from improper use and storage. Find out what type of metal you have and storage will be easy to find. Feel free to tell us and I’m sure someone can tell you optimum storage conditions.


Post: Iron Knuckles:

:mrgreen: I’ve never intended to use it for anything, and I can’t imagine a time when I would cross swords with an opponent. My main concern was the blade getting rusted. It’s steel, but I’m pretty sure it’s not stainless, otherwise I wouldn’t worry about it. Currently it’s in my room on top of my desk.>

Post: setsu nin to:

Iron Knuckles
Unfortunately much of it was over my head, as I don’t really know any of the sword’s parts and such.

Well I was thinking to startone thread about it. It should be on princip as ryuhas list that I am making, but I am not shore that it would be interesting to anyone, just as I am not shure that more than five members read that ryuha list that I make every day…>

Post: bamboo:

I read the list, infact, when its done I intend to complile the whole thing into one file.


Post: setsu nin to:


to be honest I dont belive that more than two members read that list. One is you and other one is Hengest. :arrowd:>


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