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Question of the week VIII


Question of the week VIII
Original Poster: setsu nin to
Forum: Question of the week
Posted On: 08-11-2006, 16:02

Orginal Post: setsu nin to: Here is question for these week.

Who is martial artist that you respected moust and why?

Post: dscott:

I’d have to say the person that almost everyone else is going to say, Bruce Lee. He took Martial Arts to another level. If it wasn’t for him, how many people would be involved in some sort of MA? Not many. He had the drive and will to teach anyone. He didn’t conform to ONE style.

Of the subject a bit, I love to watch Jet Li. I think he’s so great. I started to like him in Lethal Weapon 4. Maybe it was just the character because he didn’t speak and seemed so mean. He was so calm but still kicked ass.>


The Martial artist I respect the most is My Sifu. He is there showing me everything and walking me through everything. I actually know him and interact with him almost everyday. He is the most inspiring to me. He is the martial artist I respect the most.>

Post: Bushi:

Jigoro Kano, because his goal spread Japanese arts and therefore interest around the globe. He also revolutionized training with implementation of randori, even though koryu had it (known then as RAN) he twicked it and placed a heavier emphasis.>

Post: binhdinhboy:

one of my jkd instructors, beto. for a guy who dealt with gangs and got into street fights as a kid, he really flipped his life. and as awesome fighter as he is, he is one of the most humble martial artists i’ve ever met in my life. he’s incredibly dedicated as well, he takes time to drive down to irvine every day, and ive never been there a day without seeing him. hes funny, but knows when to get down to business. talk about inspiration…>

Post: bamboo:

My father,

He was a soldier with Royal Canadian Regiment and served with Princess Patricia’s Light Infantry. He taught hand to hand for years and to this day never has an opening. Even almost retired, he is an example of a lifetime of budo, whether he called it that or not.


Post: Sensei S. Hilaire:

A man named Duke Moore. He is gone now, but in his day he was the real deal. He had an open Jujitsu school in San Fransisco in the day when getting into a Jujitsu school was still a “who you know” situation. He also was one of the first (1940’s and 1950’s) to bring a myriad of other well known martial artists into his dojo for seminars and ongoing training classes (such as Mas Oyama, Richard Kim, Yosh Ajari, Mitz Kimura, and others). He was teaching traditional jujitsu, but was a pioneer by saying, if the stuff is outdated or doesnt really work on someone – scrap it. He also had challenge matches (a la Gracie), and earned blackbelts in Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Aikijutusu, and Shorinji Kempo over his 60+ years in the Martial Arts. He wasnt big. He was an American. He was increadibly tough. And he was one of the few who really focused on Self Defense instead of just preserving tradition. He was the master of one of the Jujitsu forms I am ranked in, and a great influence on my thinking. I worked out with him the last time when he was about 82 or 83, and he was still killer on the ground, and his restraining techniques were insane.>

Post: Fa Jing:

My first sifu. Nathan Fors. To me, there is just nothing like learning MA for the first time from a great teacher.

As far as MAist i havent meet, Bruce Lee.>

Post: The BadBoy:

That guy named kevin at the back of the class as Des used to put it.>


[quote=The BadBoy That guy named kevin at the back of the class as Des used to put it.[/quote 

You just like kevin’s homoerotic appeal dont you :lol:>

Post: Palm Strike:

Miyamoto Musashi. His descriptions of tactics and sword principles, as well as his own personal skill, are both inspiring and legendary. He is to Japan what Sun Tzu was to China, only he taught on a personal level, rather than Sun Tzu, who taught army-movement tactics.>

Post: Stg:

bruce lee,for obvious reasons. and for not so obvious reasons:

he proved that you don’t need to be big/huge bodywise to be strong/powerful.>

Post: voodue:

I would have to say my mestre Vaguinho along with a few others like Bimba, Pastinha, Gladson, Sinhozinho, Delgado and Banderia. Outside of capoeira I would say Sifu Ben Der and Kenneth Chung along with Grandmaster Chang Tung Sheng.

I have met and worked out with everone on my list who is alive except Mestre Delgado. I am a lucky man!>

Post: RollingKick:

Miyamoto Musashi. His descriptions of tactics and sword principles…

It’s Minamoto Musashi idiot. I would have to say the martial artist i respect the most is (although long long gone) Ng Mei, founder of Wing Chun Kung Fu, she kicked major ass.>

Post: Hengest:

It’s Minamoto Musashi idiot

No, it’s Miyamoto. Palm Strike was perfectly correct. It’s a good idea to get your facts straight before you call someone an idiot… :roll:>

Post: RollingKick:

Yeah i know, the site i got it from spelt the name rong, sorry my mistake.>

Post: Gong||Jau:

It’s also Ng Mui :?>

Post: subfighter:

i like ken shamrock and bruce lee

ive met ken and hes a nice guy
and bruce lee cause he kicks ass>

Post: Stg:

[quote=RollingKick Yeah i know, the site i got it from spelt the name rong, sorry my mistake.[/quote 

you also spelled “wrong” wrongly,idiot. :mrgreen:>

Post: Raftrider:

Definitely the founder of Wing Chun. Ng Mui(?) proves that even a woman can be a powerful martial artist if one sets their mind and body to it. :D>

Post: Blade:

Nguen Te-Cong \ Yuen Chai-Wan
and my teachers.>

Post: dead to rites:

Ashida Kim of course, every one talks smack about him but never take the time to look between the lines. HE IS A GREATE MAN 8)>

Post: setsu nin to:

dead to rites

Is that joke? Pls, tell me that its just joke…>

Post: The BadBoy:

[quote=BLACK PANTA [quote=The BadBoy That guy named kevin at the back of the class as Des used to put it.[/quote 

You just like kevin’s homoerotic appeal dont you :lol:[/quote 

He had some great pecs and oh what a smile *sigh* :wink:>

Post: dead to rites:

No it’s not a joke i am completely serious, I thought you knew this already Setsu? I look for all the aspects of Ninjutsu if they have something to offer why not.>

Post: setsu nin to:

I thought that you changed your mind. WEll we have totaly diferent opinions about Ashida Kim and his Ninjutsu, but I will respect your opinion. If you are happy with his traning, than you have my support.>

Post: shurite44:

:) My original instructor Gary Harris. Not famous but he sure did a lot for me when i was a kid. Also my friend Bill Wallace who is a great instructor on top of being one of the greatest karate fighters of all time. Also my shotokan instructor retired Sheriff Larry Overholt.

Sorry I had to pick three.>


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