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Devestating Elbow Strikes


Muay Thai Elbow Technique Video

Elbow strikes are some of the most effective and devestating weapons your body has to offer. They are most effective when delivered in close range or in the clinch. Many MMA fighters and hand to hand combat experts use them very well against a cage or a wall.

Elbow strikes have the ability to cut, smash, and pulverize your opponent. In the H2H Combat system we use the elbow strike in numerous scenarios when we enter into grappling or close combat fighting range against an aggressive attacker. Below you can see the progression of an elbow smash off of a punch. This is one of my many striking defenses / attacks you can do to open up some opportunities to finish your opponent off with more strikes or athrow / takedown. It is also one of my favorite entrances into grappling range.

Elbow Smash to the Face

Step 1: An Aggressive attack typically punches with a looping strike such as a haymaker, overhand right, or a hook punch.

As the strike in coming in JAM your lead hand over the attacking arm. Do NOT try to karate block or even block the punch. Think of japping between his shoulder and his bicep.

Elbow Smash to the Face

Step 2: Step deep into your JAM with your lead leg and let the elbow smash into his face.

Elbow Smash to the Face Step 3: Finish him off with an Outside Leg Reap Takedown or another H2H Technique.
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Muay Thai Boxing is also known for its vicious elbows, especially delivered inside the clinch range. Below you’ll also find a video by Rob "Razor" McCullough highlighting how to throw the Muay Thai Elbow.

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Matt Bryers

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  • 2nd Degree Black Belt in Kobukai Ju-Jitsu
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