Essential Illegal Cage Fighting Techniques for the Street


The C-grip is a very effective and devastating technique that can be used to end a fight or setup other techniques. Everyone serious about self protection must learn and practise this technique, it is ESSENTIAL and can be devastating.


  • When on the offensive, it’s best to take care of the centerline.
  • By protecting the center, even if your assailant attacks you, his strikes will probably just bounce off your incoming offensive.
  • One way to protect your centerline while attacking aggressively is to use the C-grip to the throat (left).
  • This is as simple as turning your hand into a claw and grabbing the opponent’s throat with it.
  • Any grabbing of the trachea is, of course, illegal under most Cage Fighting rules.
  • Where the head goes, the body must follow (right).
  • Be aware that grabbing the throat like this can cause damage to the throat and
    esophagus, which can cause the trachea to swell and close. In other words, if you attack the throat like this, you may kill your attacker. If lethal force isn’t justified, YOU are the bad guy, not him.

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