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Front Choke Defense – Spear Hand to Throat


Open Guard Circle Throw 1

The front choke is a common attack used to either threaten or seriously harm a victim. When it is most common is when used to pin a victim. against a wall, car, etc. It is also a common ground fighting attack. This particular response: The Spearhand, found in the H2H Combat System, can be used standing or on the ground to create an opening for more techniques. It causes an extreme pain response, but not a disabling response.

Front Choke – Spear Hand to Throat

The spear hand to the throat will cause a great deal of discomfort and pain that will make 99% of all attackers let go of the grasp around your neck.

Front Choke Spear Hand to Throat 1 Step 1: Your opponent is trying to choke you from the front, typically they are driving you back or have you pinned against a large object.
Front Choke Spear Hand to Throat 2 Step 2: Drive your spear hand right into the hole below his Adam’s apple, he will let go.
Front Choke Spear Hand to Throat 3 Step 3: For illustration purposes – the image shows you where to drive your spear hand

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