How do you present yourself to an attacker?


When training martial arts sometimes we get so focused on the technique, that we forget one of the most basic of all principles: how to properly stand. As I watch my students train through their technique and do countless of repetitions of throws, takedowns, defensive striking, weapons defense, etc – it’s almost funny how most of them actually present themselves to their "attacker". Their hands are down, they are flat footed and they’re so concentrated on the technique itself that they are actually missing the most vital part of lesson: how to defend yourself.

Defending yourself STARTS at how you present yourself to the attacker. How you present yourself may determine whether or not you are even going to fight. We shot a short video the other day detailing some of the principles and basic approach to standing self-defense.

Also included in this video are details about how to respond and enter into your opponents attack and when you need to respond. We’ve included a great self-defense, jiu-jitsu and grappling technique called the Osoto Gari or Outside Leg Reap. We use a "jam" entrance with and elbow to the face. Combined with the Outside Leg Reap, and you have very effective, quick, and simple self-defense technique.

All these techniques and principles are included in our H2H Self-Defense Combat Manual and Training Videos

Self-Defense Fighting Stance to Outside Leg Reap

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