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How to Fight: Street Fighting Single Leg Takedown


Street Fighting Takedown

It works in the MMA cage, but is the single leg takedown effective on the street?

In this self defense video, Gary and myself (Matt) will teach you one of the most aggressive and effective ways to put a street attacker on his back and then quickly transition to the mount where you can end the fight. This move is great for bigger guys who lack speed and agility.

Your attacker will wonder what has just happened, but he will be POWERLESS to do anything about it! This is the position you want to be in, getting him on the floor where you can end the fight on YOUR terms.

Discover how to set up this takedown WITHOUT taking any punishment to the face while using the highly effective palm tactic, which is much better than using punches. With this special palm move it will be easy for you to attack high pushing your opponents head back, and then completely surprise him by shooting low.

You might even get lucky and jab a couple of fingers into his eyes!

The great thing about the single leg takedown is that you can quickly remove any threat and take full control of the fight. Master this technique and you will be a force to be reckoned with in any street fighting situation.

One of the most challenging factors of the single leg/snatch single takedown is distance. Getting the right distance is essential to execute this move correctly. Too far away and your attacker will see it coming. Too close and you risk a knee to the face! Not good.

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Matt Bryers


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