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How to Street Fight: Wrestling Single Leg Takedown – Running the Pipe


Street Fighting Takedown

Will this work on the street? Or are the rules different?

If you are into MMA or wrestling, then you probably know what a single leg takedown is, but are you aware of just how effective it
can be in a street fight situation?

In this self defense video, Oz and I (Matt), will show you avariation of the single leg takedown that I like to call “snatch single to running the pipe.”

This is by far one of the most effective unarmed combat takedowns available for you to learn and use, and it should be in the arsenal of anyone that is serious about protecting themselves from an attacker and quickly removing the threat.

The main difference between this takedown and the straight forward single leg, is that instead of moving to the mount, the “running the pipe” move allows you to easily get into a DOMINANT position where you can rain down brutal blows on an opponent, before quickly and easily getting away.

Your attacker will wonder what just hit him!

The key to setting this up correctly is to use effective DISTRACTION techniques using your fist or palm, which will then allow you to shoot for the lead leg without much resistance.

Once you have the lead leg, secure your hand behind the heel
and then use your head to drive him backwards and then lift the leg up.
Turn your attacker around and drive him onto the floor. You will now
find yourself in a controlling position, where it is time to unleash
the fury and bring the pain!

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Train Hard!
Matt Bryers


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