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Is a gun the ULTIMATE form of Self-Defense?


Gun Self-Defense

Is a gun the ULTIMATE Street Fighting Solution?
I just got an email from one of my subscribers telling me that the gun was the ultimate self-defense solution.  My response to him and others is sure – a gun is great to have, carry and use if needed. 
But, let’s think about what using a gun in self-defense really means.
First there are MULTIPLE types of self-defense.  Here is how I would categorize some… and I’m sure you can think of others.

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  1. Survival Self-Defense – Zombie Apocalypse type of event ( a metaphor for when shit really hits the fan).  Or simply WAR.
    This is where the progression of self-defense goes from…
    1. Long range weapon (rifle, bow & arrow, etc)
    2. Shotgun or Hand Gun
    3. Close Range Weapon (Club, Knife, etc)
    4. Hand to Hand Combat

This is the ultimate self-defense scenario where you need to have ALL tools available.  Hopefully, as civilians, you will never have to experience this type of event.  As soldiers, police officers, etc – hopefully they do not have to experience this either; but this is what they are trained to handle.  Where the H2H Program comes in is the hand to hand combat portion, it is the LAST line of protection

  1. Home Invasion – Scary shit.  This is where you want a close range defense weapon / gun.  The progression of self-defense would go…
    1. Shotgun or Handgun
    2. Close Range Weapon (Bat, Knife, weapon of opportunity)
    3. Hand to Hand Combat

A home invasion is scary, you’re awaken, surprised, scared, etc.  You have to search your home and possibly confront an attacker.  I actually to walk into house once were it was believed the robber (ex-girlfriend drug addict sister and man) was still in the house.  It was not a fun situation – I was armed only with a knife and luckily did not have to confront anyone.  But again, Hand to Hand Combat is the last line of protection

  1. REAL Street Self-Defense – This is where you are going to be robbed, raped, etc.  This is a CLOSE encounter, and the situation that many of us might have to face in real life.  I live in a nice part of CT.  Despite my situations while working at a night club for 9 years, I have been in this type of situation 2x.  The progression of self-defense goes…
    1. Close Range Weapon (MAYBE)
    2. Hand to Hand Combat

Why no gun?? – This is close range, the attacker is in your face.  There is A SLIM change you are going to draw out your gun quick enough to use it.  Unless you personally practice gun draws under stress, so that you are VERY proficient in a draw, then I have serious doubts whether you can perform it in this situation. 
This also goes true for knife draws.  I practice my knife draw constantly; it’s like a game for me.  If you carry a knife, practice your draws.

Also, take a look at this video for the 21 foot rule.  VERY interesting.

  1. Bar Fight / High School Fight – As far as I am concerned, this is “play self-defense”.  Yes, you can and will get hurt in these situations.  But, you rarely see death or serious, serious injuries.  Yes it happens, but not that often.  The cops, bouncers, teachers, etc are always near, so the serious risk to injury is greatly reduced.  But, self-defense (awareness, verbal and physical) does come into play.  Personally – I would NEVER pull a weapon in this situation.  Progression of self-defense is…
    1. Hand to Hand Combat

If you’ve noticed one thing – you should notice that hand to hand combat is ALWAYS on the list.  It is your last line of defense.  You are kidding yourself if you think otherwise! 
So, is the gun the Ultimate Self-Defense choice?  Hmm… sometimes? 
Let me know what you think, respond either on here or post on Facebook!

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