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Simplicity of Self-Defense


Self Defense Eye Gouge

Today I wanted to talk to you about simplicity in self-defense and/or real combat. Real Combat could be street combat or even MMA combat. What I want to make you aware of in this newsletter is that regardless of how many techniques we know or the countless variations that we have trained, it is all useless if you have to think about them, recall them, or go through a step-by-step process in your head to execute them.

Real Combat needs to be instinctual, brutal and effective. That is what we try to instill in all of our H2H Combat Program students and members! K.I.S.S. – Keep It Stupidly Simple or (Keep it simple stupid), whatever you prefer! HAHA!

I am going to use the MMA fighter as a quick example. We all love watching MMA because it is the closest and most real combat we can see without watching a true street fight. One of my favorite things to listen to is new people who are getting into watching or training MMA talk about how they would do this in that situation, or how come the fighter didn’t do this in another situation, etc. The men and women who fight in MMA are fighting with instinct and "no-mind". They train their minds and their muscles to do these complex and highly effective techniques over and over and over again so that it becomes as easy as it is to walk. They spend 5-7 days a week in the gym training to do these techniques. As common civilians or non-professional fighters, it is MUCH harder to execute these techniques because you are not trained to do them on instinct and they are not natural to you.

The ability to pull off a flying triangle in real combat or a 4 punch combination goes right out the window because your instinct is not trained to do so. You will do what comes natural to you. Unfortunately, most of our instincts can be fatally wrong. So, what you can do is give your instincts a nudge in the direction of the "right-answer", or a better answer then what your current instincts are executing.

One of my favorite questions to ask when working on self-defense with my students is "what would you do in this situation"? I was working with none of my girl students last night. She weighs MAYBE 100 pounds, I am about 215. I put her fellow student in a bear-hug and asked "what would you do?" She replied, push the hips or something along the lines of moving the hips. My reply – If I pick you up in the air and try to "take advantage of you". Is pushing my hips going to work? The answer, obviously not.

The simplest response is to attack and destroy what is accessible to you. If you start thinking from a martial arts mindset and try to recall that 10 step self-defense technique that you might have trained 10 times in your whole life, how are you going to survive this encounter….? You’re gonna get pulverized!

So, just for illustration purposes I’ve included a common combat response from the H2H Combat Program. The ears and eyes attack. As you can see below, we are removing the "martial arts complexity" out of the equation and just destroying what is available to us. There is no fancy technique behind it, but if my life is in danger from a person who outweighs me by 100 pounds, it is a VERY good response.

Ears Eyes 1 Step 1: Your opponent has grabbed your around
the front
Ears Eyes 2 Step 2: Slap your hands HARD against his ears.
This can cause his ear drums to rupture
Ears Eyes 4

Step 3: Then, take your thumbs and drive them
into his eyes to get him off of you.


Simple, right? That is what I am talking about. It’s BRUTAL, it’s EFFECTIVE, and it’s NOT complicated. That is what we are trying to provide in the H2H Combat Defense Program and Video Series.

One other idea for this situation and a common street defense attack is using the Headbutt. We talked about this at length in a previous email and article. Read more about the headbutt here.

One last comment on this technique: Some of you will ask "what can do you do if he has the arms trapped?" My answer – plenty, but I gotta go with the shameless plug here: Check out the H2H Program.

Last comment number two: How does this apply for MMA or for combat sports? MMA Fighters and combat athletes take the simplest approach all the time. Have you heard Joe Rogan say before "High Percentage Technique". That is the same thing, the simplest move is the Highest Precentage Technique. Obviously we can’t eye-gouge in a MMA fight, but in a MMA fight your life isn’t really in danger

As a quick note – right now we are including the video series is all H2H Combat Manuals. That will give you access to all the video techniques including the 87 page manual. This is NOT going to last.

Take care all!

Let me know what you think about this technique too, response are WELCOME!!

Matt Bryers
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  • Operated Self-defense and Ju-Jitsu School in Cromwell, CT

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