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Street Fighting – Face Smash to Elbow Strikes


Street Fighting Takedown

You might not want to hurt another human being, but sometimes you are left with no choice…

If an attacker becomes aggressive towards you, your family or your friends, then they leave you with no choice but to get physical!

In this self defense video, I am going to show you the very effective elbow strikes from face smash technique. This self defense technique takes NO PRISIONERS, and can quickly leave an attacker on the floor wondering what just hit him.


The key to all of this is to not get carried away. Do what you need to do to protect yourself and the people around you by removing the threat, but there is no need to carry on dishing out punishment once the attacker is on the floor. Smart people will use this as an opportunity to make a swift exit.

The great thing about this elbow strike technique is the ELEMENT OF SUPRISE. Your starting position is very defensive, with your hands out in front of you letting the attacker know you don’t want any trouble.

Unluckily for him this defensive position can very quickly become offensive by pushing with the palm of your hands in a thrusting motion. This will knock anybody who isn’t expecting it off balance, which in turn sets you up perfectly to unleash a few well timed elbow strikes to the face, neck, head and chest.

I repeat. Only get involved in these type of situations if you are left with no other choice. Violence is always a last resort if every other option has failed.

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