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What is REAL Self-Defense?


Street Fighting Takedown

Unfortunately most people’s view of real self-defense is not too “real”.  Let’s first look at what REAL self-defense is NOT.

  • It is NOT what you see in the movies. 
    Jet Li, Jackie Chan and all those other actors of amazing martial arts performers – BUT 95% of it is just a performance.  You are not really seeing how a real fight goes down.
  • It is NOT a backyard fight or high school fight.
    Fighting your buddy in the backyard or fighting a rival at your school is NOT a real fight.  You may get hurt, you may get some lumps, but I’m willing to bet that you life was never in real danger.

What is a Real Fight?

  • Real fights are BRUTAL and Vicious.
  • Real fights are FAST.
  • Real fights are Scary
  • Real fights are rarely One-on-One
  • Real fights are never fair
  • Real fights can and will involve weapons

When do real fights happen?

  • When you least expect it and it’s not because they want to fight you – it’s because they want what you have (money, food, car, sex…)

Hopefully you’ll never have to face or be involved in a real self-defense situation.  But I you do, it’s always good to be prepared and aware. 

The question then becomes: “How we do we prepare for a real fight”?

I recently read that a study was conducted on major sports athletes; and to achieve “elite” status in their sport, it would take them over 15,000 hours of training.  That equates to: 6 hours day, 7 days a week for over 6 years. 

That easily relates to a martial arts / self-defense practitioner.  To achieve “mastery” in a martial art can take a lifetime!!!

So, how can the common person prepare for a real fight without spending 20 years to become a master at fighting?

My answer is SIMPLICITY and NATURAL reactions.  Humans are built to fight.  We have our natural born instincts and warrior spirit.  It’s just been buried down and hidden by TV and other garbage.

Learn techniques and movements that are Easily to Remember, Simple to Use, Combat Tested and Brutally Effective.

Today’s free techniques are based upon Defense.

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Thanks guys!

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