Would you survive a Knife Attack? 3 Rules to live by


Knife Defense OverviewThe knife is one of the most common, easily concealed and readily available close combat weapons on the street and in war. The reality of facing a knife in combat is that you may die.

Forget the fancy crap that you see in movies, forget the fancy knife fighting techniques you may have seen on video, the reality of it is that someone is going to be stabbing you repeatedly with a knife.

Most knife attacks are surprise attacks where you are left bleeding and can only pray that someone will be around to help you. They come out of nowhere and most times you don’t even see that a knife has been drawn. The knife is easily concealed in a pocket and most blades under 4" are legal to carry.

Am I trying to scare you? – absolutely.

Why? – Personally and Thankfully I have never had to face a knife in combat. I have had them pulled on me, but they were pulled for show, not for real attacks. (Drunk people in a bar thinking they’re tough). But in training with the H2H Combat System we do a specific and very EYE-POPPING sparring drill.

Pair two people together, give one of them a training blade (I recommend a harder training blade such as a wooden tanto instead of rubber training blade) and the give other person nothing. FIGHT!

I have been on both the receiving and giving end of this too many times to count, and each time it is scary how EASY it is to attack and stab your partner, and how SCARY and DIFFICULT it is to defend against an aggressive attacker with a knife.

So, what I have for you today are two videos. One video I found on youtube and it shows a variety of knife attacks – REAL knife attacks. People bleeding and dying. The other video is from the creator of the H2H Combat System: Russ St Hilaire. Russ discusses the principles of how to defend against a knife attack and the three 3 rules to follow when facing a knife.

Give them a look and let me know what you think. Hopefully you’ll never have to face a knife in a fight. But as our world keeps changing, I’d rather be prepared then scared.

Knife attack myths
Knife attack myths The reality of a facing a knife in combat is a scary one. Death is close.

Defense against a Knife Attack Principles
Defense against a Knife Attack Principles Russ St Hilaire from the H2H Combat Programs reviews the principles for survival against a knife attack
H2H Combat System Video

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