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RRB Seminar in Estonia


RRB Seminar in Estonia
Original Poster: valera
Forum: Russian Martial Arts
Posted On: 22-10-2004, 02:08

Orginal Post: valera: November, 26-28, 2004, Tallinn, Estonia. Theme : RRB – the art of manner.
Russian hand-to-hand fight Seminar is led by I.G.Skobeyev, the President of international Federation on Russian hand-to-hand fight. The latest achievements in hand-to-hand fight have been based on glorious traditions on Russian Army and Patristic Ancestry of Orthodoxy.
I.G.Skobeyev is one of the chief specialists and ideologists of Russian hand-to-hand fight, who has been working in this unique field for about 30 years. He worked with the officers of the 9th Administration Office of KGB of the USSR, which were to protect high rank officials. He also trained the officers of the 8th Department, one of the most secret services of the Army and Navy. Prepared the officers of the special purpose regiments of Air Troops. Taught Russian hand-to-hand fight in one of the high military educational establishments-Zhukovskii’s Military Academy. Organized and trained the personal of private Security Service of large commercial structured, like the Security Service of RAO GAZPROM.

Only in 3 days you will learn to release from any seizure and to make the adversary lose his equilibrium. You will also master the skill of rendering the adversary, armed with a knife or a short-barreled weapon, harmless. Using this balanced methods of teaching, you will be able to create your own defence, as well as to upgrade your level in this art your self further.

more info:


Post: CreativeFighter:

Aaah, they keep coming back.

If anyone lives near Estonia, I highly encourage you to visit and recon back to us.

:lol: :roll:>

Post: Wilhelm von Wänkensteïn:

“Yes – for only US$50,000, you too can be a killing machine in three days! Sign up now!”

What is it that keeps attracting them back here :?: It’s like flies and rotting meat, I swear. Or flies and me, for that matter :roll:>

Post: CreativeFighter:

Nah, don’t worry about the flies, they just swarm towards our manly good looks.

These guys swarm to our (empty) wallets….

I wonder if the seminar even exists? I can’t imagine much of a following in Estonia, but then again, if they have martial arts in Cuba……


Post: Wilhelm von Wänkensteïn:

I’d rather the ladies swarmed towards me and the flies stayed far, far away :lol:

As for a RMA following in Estonia, why not? I mean, there are Systema academies in Europe and Sergei Ozhereliev gives seminars on the continent on a regular basis, so it is possible. In any case, what more likely place to find a fan base for slavic martial arts than in the lands of its origin? I would be interested to see what these guys are really made out of. If it’s genuine rukopashniiboi they’re teaching, it can’t possibly be bad stuff. That said, their marketing really ticks me off.

And yes, for the record, my wallet is tragically empty.>

Post: CreativeFighter:

Well, due to the questionable origins of this art, you’d think that the land of its origin would be the first to call its BS….


Post: MA dude:

Questionable orgins? I thought this was the Kachidikov system and not something else. At least that is what it said on the site. Or are you claiming that the organazation is not truly Kachidikov? Anyways I do not have a problem with these people and do not think they are a mcdojo but they seem to be trashing systema a tiny bit. But it was only on this forum. Out of curiosity are there many mcdojos in Russia or other former soviet countries? I am under the impression there are not but if someone wiser could step in. Anyways someone try going and tell us how it is.>

Post: Wilhelm von Wänkensteïn:

Far as I know, rukopashniiboi is taught to certain Spetsnaz units (purple berets learn them, among others – can’t remember the unit name offhand) and it ranks somewhere above combat sambo in the hierarchy of combat systems taught to Russian military units, so it can’t be all that bad. More to the point, I’ve been told by more than one Systemist that it uses the same basic principles as the System, only they manifest in ‘harder’, more forceful ways. I don’t see any immediate proof that Skobeev is Kadochnikov’s student, but then, I don’t see any immediate proof that he isn’t either, so I’m willing to give his quality the benefit of the doubt for now, and that of his students also.

That said, I certainly don’t think very highly of their marketing or their tact :evil:>

Post: CreativeFighter:


You can’t imagine how general the term RRB is. Even in Moscow it would relate to K-sys, then some guys in Estonia could just as easily take combat Sambo and call it RRB. I want to see their connections, their references, and a videotape of them training.

Otherwise, the only way to tell is to travel to Estonia……
James, you’re the closest, this one’s your’s buddy.


Post: valera:

Little about RRB.
The history of modern development of Russian hand-to-hand fight covers more than 50 years. Owing to Russian wave of immigration, hand-to-hand fight penetrated in such countries like Germany, France, USA and in some countries of Latin America. But it hadn’t developed into a separate independent kind of fighting, it was assimilated in local cultures.

The best specialists and ideologists stayed in Russian, where they continued developing Russian hand-to-hand fight applying it to the demands of modern fire conduct. By the time this system had turned into secret defense one, intended only for specialized structures of the Army, Navy and other Power Ministries of the USSR. Only after Perestroika of the USSR and foundation of the democratic state, the new wave of immigration showed the progress in Russian hand-to-hand fight to the West.

Russian hand-to-hand fight doesn’t require perfect physical condition. It was elaborated for people, who inspire of having problems with health, could parry any attack in any situation. The defense from the armed adversary in general id unique and it doesn’t have any analog in eastern martial arts. It is a powerful and modern defense system of the XXI century.

You won’t need to have exhausting trainings. On contrary, the methods are based on not opposing the adversary’s force. You do not sweat in fight, you just turn adversary’s force against him. You become a manager of his aggression force.

Impact of Russian hand-to-hand fight makes it unnecessary doing other sports and training which saves your time and money. The wave like moving of your backbone takes away serous sliding disease and emancipation, restores bearing. We will list in short the ailments and diseases which may be corrected with the systematic trainings in hand-to-hand fight. They are osteochondrosis of spine, hernia of intervertebral discs, collapse, problems with blood pressure, lateral curvature, disease of large and fine vascular, metabolic disease, etc.

Practicing Russian hand-to-hand fight makes you healthy, cheerful, active and free.
You can look examples of work in RRB on page
Excuse that I can not participate to the full in discussion of my announcement because of lack of time.
If you have concrete questions on a seminar (except for flies and pursesask) to write on the address [email[/email >

Post: Wilhelm von Wänkensteïn:

[quote=CreativeFighter Hmmm……

You can’t imagine how general the term RRB is. Even in Moscow it would relate to K-sys, then some guys in Estonia could just as easily take combat Sambo and call it RRB. I want to see their connections, their references, and a videotape of them training.

Otherwise, the only way to tell is to travel to Estonia……
James, you’re the closest, this one’s your’s buddy.


Yes, I know rukopashniiboi simply means ‘hand-to-hand’ combat, which could mean anything, technically. But I also know that it is the official term of a system taught to the purple berets, among others and that’s what I assumed this was, albeit rather groundlessly.

And Ilya, FYI, I am nowhere near Estonia. I’m a million miles away on the arse of the world (which is actually quite pleasant, come to think of it).

Anyway, welcome to the site, valera. I think you missed the boat – someone else has already advertised RRB recently and sparked a quite interesting discussion. If you have a look on the Russian Martial Arts board, you’ll probably see the thread. Enjoy your stay here.>

Post: CreativeFighter:


Vidimah tvoyo eema russkaya, tak shto ya boodu gavareet staboy kak tee russki.

Pashalustah day mneh tvoy telephoney nomer eeh me pagavreem parusski prah RRB.

Hope to hear from you moy druk,


James…..arse of the world eh? Sounds like fun!>

Post: MA dude:

On the website it said Kachidikov was the founder of RRB and the person in charge was a student of his.>

Post: Jimmy Lee:

Why is it that the guys in Russian martial arts who say that you don’t have to be in great physical shape to defend yourself are usually terribly out of shape? Just because its possible, doesnt mean you should let yourself get out of shape. Look at Scott Sonnon and Vladimyr Vasiliev. They are physical specimins who would make allot of pro athletes whimper.>

Post: CreativeFighter:

And look at Mikhail Ryabko and Arthur Sennott who would make pro wrestlers soil themselves.
I’d rather take a hit from Scott than from Mikhail. Although, if it came down to it I’d rather not be hit at all :D

Jimmy, do you actual study an RMA or are you at onlooker status?


Post: Jimmy Lee:

Im an onlooker at this point but hope to travel up and visit Scott later this month since I wanted to go to Colorodo but now cant afford it. hes only about 6 hours away Have you trained with Scott? I dunno. Pro strongmen say hes the strongest guy theyve met. I think Ill take a hit from Mikail instead. Where do you train?
Pro wrestlers are pretty impressive athletes regardless of the entertainment nature of their “wrestling.” I dunno about soiling thesmeves.>

Post: CreativeFighter:

Oh boy!

I can only hope *hope* that you have the opportunity to take a strike from Scott and from Mikhail. They’re very different. Scott is at the top of his art in the US, while Mikhail in the world. Funny, isn’t it.

I have never met nor trained with Scott, but I know people who have and I’ve heard the stories. Likewise, I’ve seen both of these men throwing strikes, and there is a significantly noticeable difference. To be honest……and I would quite possibly be skewered for saying this in the ROSS community, but I would rather take a strike from Scott than one from Arthur.

I make this conclusion based on my own knowledge, and I have a strong feeling that it is right.
To avoid a full on shitfest of “who can punch the hardest” let me just say…….you have never studied the RMA’s, and until you do, you don’t really understand what a strike can be.
Hell, you can’t understand true pain until you get hit by one of the greats.
But I can promise you one thing…….Mikhail will kill you, Scott will incapacitate you.

Just my .02.

Post: Jimmy Lee:

Top in the US? :shock: Hes a world champ called to do seminars all around the world by OTHER martial art teachers. I dunno. This all sounds like which superhero is the best. You havent trained with Scott or mikail so its really jus speculation on hour part. I do think the shitfest has started though by your comment saying who can punch harder. It does sound kinda childish. :roll:>

Post: CreativeFighter:

I have my opinions, you have yours.
Go train. This conversation is over.

Post: Jimmy Lee:

:cry: :mrgreen:>

Post: Irish_Blood:

This may be off topic..

But isn’t punching trivial? Sure, you may be able to level and take down everybody in your class… But you can’t predict that the people who fight you on the street will give you time to get yourself togeater to give a good one, or give an opening, or even any kind of sign that they’re attacking at all.
Besides.. Who can promise that any punch can do signifigant harm to a man on a street enviorment. I’m sure we’ve all seen videos of guys on crystal meth and PCP getting shot with 9mm’s from multiple LEO personel.. And still charge at them.
Look for who knows the art they practice, and can teach it properly. If they can hit hard, thats a plus. But “who hits hardest” is really irrelevant.

Jimmy: I have mixed opinions on this… I both agree and disagree. You should be in your top physical shape anyway. I know personally I’m looking to be as fit as I can be, but that is a preference.
I believe you can be strong and conditioned without looking like a olympic sprinter or weight lifter.
I also believe that if your martial art dosn’t require you to do 150 push ups, 1k crunches and 200 squats.. Then you don’t need to.
Systema (in my experience) works off your innate movement patterns and on your reactions.. You don’t need to be an athlete to respond naturally to a threat.>

Post: dcohen:

Amen to that, bro.


Post: CreativeFighter:

Music to my ears.



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