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Billy Robinson: W.A.R. Catch Wrestling


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Scientific Wrestling presents W.A.R. Catch Wrestling: Lessons
in Catch-As-Catch-Can with Billy Robinson.

In this very special deluxe 4-DVD course, you get to be a fly on
the wall as Billy coaches eager students (MMA stars Josh
Barnett and Erik Paulson included!) in the ways of Catch-As
Catch-Can Wrestling. W.A.R. Catch Wrestling showcases the
holds and maneuvers shown to MMA legends Josh Barnett,
Kazushi Sakuraba, and the panoply of fighters in the UWFi.
Billy also discusses the history and philosophy of Catch
Wrestling as well as his family’s involvement in pugilism and
bare-knuckle boxing (Billy’s grandfather was a bare-knuckle
boxing champion too)!

Now you have the chance to learn a thing or two from this
amazing grappler in the 4 plus hours of quality footage found
on this exclusive 4-disc deluxe DVD course.
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