Ba Gua Extravaganza


Tried of going to so-called world -renowned BaGuaZhang Masters
workshops who never fought applying BaGua or been in a combat
situation in they life, WHO TALK THE TALK, BUT CAN’T WALK THE WALK,
You paid big dollars $$$$ pertaining to they so called high level
BaGua Combat material and all you get for your money at they seminars
& workshops is a lot of talk of theory and fancy BaGua forms with no
real hands on training how to truly apply the martial usage of the
BaGuaZhang system in actual combat. Most of all many of these
individuals can’t move, have no rhythm flat footed and body not
condition properly for combat. WELL DANCE NO MORE!

Come check out the Ba Gua Extravaganza in Rochester March 8, 2008
where individuals will have the opportunity to learn Real Martial
usage of how to apply the BaGuaZhang systems of Cheng & Yin style
methods for combat. No dancing and scholar talk at the Ba Gua
Extravaganza, you will learn and get a real in death understanding of
how to utilize BaGuaZhang as a combat art using your own personal
expression and favor! You learn functional exercises from both BGZ
systems to keep fit and improve your strength and endurance.

Sifu Ben Hill AKA Maoshan and Novell LaoShi AKA The Black Taoist will
be doing a daylong intensive BaGuaZhang Workshop covering The Yin and
Cheng styles of BaGuaZhang solo form and BaGuaZhang combat

The cost is $100
Renaissance Martial Arts – 34 Elton Street, Rochester NY 14607
Ba Gua Extravaganza happening in Rochester, NY
March 8,2008.
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