Holes in sidewalks on square cause problems for pedestrians


Jorda DeFelice tells us how he stepped into a hole in the sidewalk on the square in Princeton, Indiana on N Hart street. He is concerned that someone might get hurt unless the holes are patched & the trip hazards removed.

Princeton Fitness is an exciting 24 hr fitness center that is huge- it spans 2 buildings on the historic town square in Princeton, Indiana (Gibson County). PF is owned / operated by Jennifer, a local small-businesswoman ( I know, that makes it sound like I am short… Why does small businessman not sound funny?). We have 8,500 square feet & 4 floors of space, cardio, tons of weight plates, benches, a boxing/wrestling/ MMA ring, Sprint Circuit Machines, 4 heavy bags hanging, & a huge room for aerobics/kick-boxing. We’ve got a quiet loft for yoga and massage therapy, and rooms for kickboxing and MMA. I’m filming for YouTube, both to share the neat stuff & for my members to critique themselves.

You can see before & after pictures of the Biggest Losers of 2007 at myspace/princetonfitness & I post pictures & videos of the Strong Man competitions (Next: Jan 12th, 1 pm) & pictures of the Biggest Loser Contest, (Next Kickoff: Jan 12th, 10am) with weigh-in & an introduction to the program.

Our rates are low enough that everyone can afford membership, with limited memberships at only $3 a week. But don’t let the cheap rates fool you. This place is nice & getting better every day, as we are remodeling room by room. The atmosphere is old school where 100-year-old architectural charm meets modern convenience. If you’ve never been inside- or if you haven’t been in the last 3 months, you should check it out. Even members who come in once a week are surprised by the changes we make each week. Shane Bonaparte (Princeton) said last week, “I don’t even go there to work out anymore. I just come to see what you’ve done. I love that place. I don’t even call it Princeton Fitness. I call it My Place!” Other member testimonials are on my website at home.insightbb/~fit

I get a kick out of teaching people how to use the machines & setting them up on training programs that suit their needs. Once they know what to do to make changes, it is as if this becomes their personal gym & all I do is keep their towels clean & answer the phones for them! I also enjoy seeing the members come out of the kickboxing class covered in sweat & saying “Great class!” & when they say their pants are falling off them! It is empowering to take control of your waistline & I love being a part of it.

I think the key in making a business like this work is to create a place where people are comfortable & free to try new things, give them the right equipment & training & encouragement, know when to push & when to coddle & above all, be there when they need you. After all, it is the people that make this place great!
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