Kettlebell training for athletes and fighters


These are some basic kettlebell drills. Most fighters and many other athletes these days are training with them. You can order kettlebells from this link. Its the best price I’ve found, so if anyone can find cheaper leave me a comment!

To people who aren’t familiar with kettlebell training, these movements may seem very foreign. Most people will inevitably ask, “What body part does this workout?”. Unfortunately most people today are only familiar with body building principles and know very little about true strength training and conditioning for athletes.

The exercises demonstrated here workout the entire body. They build the type of explosive strength needed for real world applications. These movements are very similar to the Olympic lifts. That’s why many kettlebell exercises share common names with the Olympic lifts, like “snatches” and “clean and jerks”. These fundamental exercises start by generating force from the legs and hips, and then the upper body and arms take over from there. This is how fighters throw a punch, and how almost all athletic movements work.

Doing the exercises demonstrated here for a high number of repetitions also develops very good cardiovascular strength. Try doing snatches for about 3 minutes straight and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Your heart will feel like it wants to jump out of your chest.
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