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MMA Blog – July 18 – 2006 – 04 – Wrestling – Takedowns Only


Tony Banh and Adam Bent during a grappling session practising wrestling with takedowns only, no groundfighting.

This was the last thing we did before calling it quits for the day, so we were at it for about two hours or so…not exactly long, but we’re both pretty out of shape (especially me, I’m reeeaalllly out of shape).

Adam doesn’t really have any grappling experience whatsoever, I have very basic knowledge with just a little bit of training in traditional Japanese jujitsu, sport judo, and some wrestling.

Before this vid I started off teaching Adam some basic judo style falls (front, back, left-side, right-side) and how to get up from it self defense/MMA style (so, up kicking from the guard and keeping your hands up while stepping back up onto your feet and up).

I then taught him the basic over under grip, two judo style throws, o-goshi (hip toss) and osotogari (big outer reaping throw), and two freestyle wrestling takedowns, single-leg and double-leg takedowns.

Also, you can hear a loud ringing sound at the beginning of the round…and that was a web-browser based workout timer I was using (from and I had it set for 3 minutes with 1 minute rest…though we started the rest a lot earlier then expected…lol

Oh, and I actually was using the timer during our sparring before that also, but for some reason, it wasn’t ringing or making sound. I then realized it was because I was using Firefox and forgot the timer made to be used for Internet Explorer… blah, so just a heads up for people who are gonna download that.
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