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Sit up Shoulder Press – Abdominals MMA Exercises Training



Press the weights off your chest as you perform a full or preferably 3/4 sit up.

Feel free to cheat and use your arms to create momentum to get your body up because if the weights are heavy enough you will eventually have muscle failure hopefully in your abdominals / hip flexors and maybe your arms.

This is a good exercise for MMA fighters because it will help increase explosive strength off the mat.

Superset these with Turkish Get Ups to help increase getting up the floor functional strength.

Again these are not the best exercise for toning the abs if you are skinny and want a six pack but very good for athletes or anybody looking to be in good functional shape not just look good in a mirror.

If you want 6pack abs you should know your body fat percentage.


Personal Trainer Michael Behnken, MS, CSCS
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