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2nd Grappling / BJJ Match


My 2nd grappling/bjj match at the Submission Wrestling Smoker on 3.10.07 at Milpitas Health and Fitness Gym. These were 5 minute matches. After a tap, we would keep going until time ran out. This runs till the first tapout.

Once again, I wanted his back and finally got it. I started to go for a backside triangle (like what BJ did in Penn/Hughes 2 round 2), and he slowly fell into a regular triangle. I see Will and hear him scream at me “Pull You Shin! Put Your Foot On His Hip!” just like we learned in class. I do so, but miss his hip, so it looks like I’m kicking air for bit haha, but it still worked. I pull down on my own shin, instead of his head, until he tapped.
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