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Kimbo Slice training Grappling Techniques with Tompkins


Kimbo Slice: “I m not going to boxing Ray, i will fight him!”
Milan “The Ribcracker” Savage – Kimbo’s bodyguard and power coach said:
“Kimbo power training exercises routine is 2x a week, consisting of heck squat, leg press, good morning, eg curl, zercher squat, zercher deadlift, nose pull. Kimbo Slice is 31 years old, weight 260lb, high 6,2ft and doas a bench press with 485lb, squat with 620lb and deadlift with 620lb.” Kimbo’s power weight training started 4 months before the fight vs Rey Mercer and is run by ex powerlifting champion and Kimbo’s bodyguard – Milan “The Ribcracker” Savage in Miami, Florida.
Kimbo Slice training of grappling and kick techniques started 2 months before the fight and is run by Bas Rutten in LA, California.
Kimbo Slice vs Rey Mercer fight – 23 june 2007 – 80 000$ for winner.
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