Pankration Aris Makris


Aris Makris has been at the forefront of the Pankration revival and has been teaching Pankration in Canada and abroad for over 20 years. He is currently the most sought after Pankration instructor for authentic combat and sport pankration world wide, with a solid curriculum in place that embodies the very essence of what is meant as “All Skills”. No other so called Pankration institute anywhere in the world is a strictly Pankration oriented school as Aris’s at the Spartan Pankration Academy. Blending Thai and BJJ does not constitute Pankration training. While organizations and federation tout their horn on Pankration , they are mearly promotional tournament companies that do nothing but promote a very vague if not cheap version of a judo/kyokushin oriented tourney,as opposed to teaching it.
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