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Rhadi Ferguson Actually Does Judo Too


Rhadi Ferguson who is a 2004 Olympian and the owner and operator of rhadi and thejudocrusader is known for his explosive takedowns, his tornado like matwork and his lightening fast submissions. He is also known in many circles as one of the most intelligent and smartest coaches around for his work with UFC Fighter Jeff Monson, Judo player Taraje Williams-Murray, judo player Valerie Gotay, BJJ Black Belt Lloyd Irvin and strength and conditioning consultations with Mixed Martial Arts Fighter Brandon Vera. Rhadi is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He is world renown as a strength coach, you can go to is website thekingofstrengthandconditioning or his blog thestrengthandconditioningking. Take care and if you love judo and grappling, be sure to visit thejudocrusader
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