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Sri Lankan Forces gained 100% of the north -eastern part


The Sri Lankan army has gained 100% of the north – eastern part of the country by capturing weapons belonging to the LTTE & by killing off the Tamil Tiger Terrorists.

Operation to liberate the East is in progress successfully
Security Forces have achieved major success in their operation to clear the East of terrorism, So far, they have consolidated their position in the area, by yesterday afternoon, and they have almost reached Thoppigala, LTTE’s last stronghold which is on the verge of falling.

Last week, 04 LTTE camps had been destroyed in Narakamulla South and a large number of terrorists were killed and wounded. Also troops recovered many arms, ammunitions and machinery.

Yesterday (19), a violent confrontation flared in the East of Narakkamulla. 03 LTTE camps were completely destroyed. 25 – 30 terrorists were killed and 02 soldiers wounded. Also, a large stock of weapons, ammunition and other military equipment were recovered and troops are clearing the area.

LTTE is so weakened that they are unable to face the retaliatory attacks by the troops and are suffering a major setback. In Thrikonamadu, Yakkuray and Kalkuda, fleeing terrorists confronted with troops and seven terrorists were killed and arms recovered.

Further, Seven LTTE cadres surrendered to Polwatta Army camp yesterday (19). They have confessed that they cannot bear the harassment in the LTTE camps. (The total number of surrendees as at yesterday was 656) and during the last week a Tamil civilian who escaped from the LTTE captivity and disclosed that 73 persons were in LTTE detention and among them were 02 soldiers, several members of the Karuna faction and muslim civilians. Who undergo torture and harassment and are forced to performs hard work continuously. LTTE found difficult to feed them and already some who tried to escape were killed.

The operation to liberate the East from the terrorist domination is nearing completion with success.
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