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Submission # 170 – Oliver Geddis vs Drummond Googe


Oliver Geddis (has back mount) vs Drummond Googe. Bristol Open Summer Leg August 5th 2007. Oliver is clearly one of the most talented grapplers coming up through the ranks in the UK at the present time. There are 3 other submissions from Oliver on TheRealGeeza Channel – see submissions #166, #167, and #168. He allows his opponent’s to get into what at first appear to be dominant positions and he then pulls out submissions. He is calm, strategic, intelligent and a gentleman. Oliver Geddis is a future star of the UK BJJ and grappling scene.
Tags: han, jiu, submission, brazilian, bessa, holt, open, jitsu, nicolai, gracie, bristol, geeza, uk, niko, synergy, pedro, gi, grappling, adcc


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