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Sample of The
With Over 30 Battle Tested Techniques:
NEUTRAL DEFENSE by Penn State NCAA All American John Hanrahan
* Fight Off Single Leg
* Head-Lock Trip off Single
* Fight Off Double Leg
* Lat-Throw off Double
* Block & Snap-Defending Shots
* Head Snap to Pancake
* Head & Arm Series
* Head & Arm to Pancake
* Head & Arm Shuck-By
* Head & Arm to Cradle
* Cement Job & Mixer
* Whizzer & ¾ Nelson
* Trap Head Tight Waist Hi-Leg
* Trap Head – Spilatal
* Top-Set Position
* Tricep & Ankle
* Bump to Tight-Waist
* Two on One Hi-Leg Turk
* Two on One Tilt Series
* Half Nelson
* Bar Arms
* Bone to Bone
* Leg Series
* Counter Stand-Up
* Riding – Stay w/ Hips
* The Claw & Spiral Ride
* Cradle Series

* The Stand Up
* Sit Back Series
* Fight Off Half Nelson
* Leg Counters
* Bar Arm Counters
* Fight Off Back
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