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Bruised knuckles and joints


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Bruised knuckles and joints
Original Poster: kranker66
Forum: Training Logs
Posted On: 17-10-2006, 23:37

Orginal Post: kranker66: -Bruised up my knuckles pretty good hitting a heavy bag( the left hand)…to either side of the knuckle of the middle finger is swollen- it’s gone down, and I need to know what’s a decent treatment for bruised knuckles and joints?

Ice?, aspirin?, Ibuprofen?, Tiger balm?…want to get back to training asap and
bag work is important part of my workout.


Post: WushuPadawan001:

Ibuprofen (I like Motrin – don’t take Tylenol, it’s garbage) two times a day (or more if needed) combined with massage (the joints) in warm water (best when the body part is completely submerged).
Ice will not help at this point (use ice immediately after working out to prevent swelling. After swelling occurs warmth – heating pads are great – is the way to go).
If you really want to get back to the bag fast then try and keep your swollen hand elevated above your heart. Doing so will help with the swelling.

Hope that helps.>

Post: zefff:

I use a good alcohol based dit dar jow ointment I get from my local Chinese herbalist. Cheap and effective but dont use if you have any open cuts on the skin.

Alcohol is much better than any oil based ointment for the hands as it penetrates without need for a load of massaging and is quickly absorbed throughout the dermis.

I am assuming you workout on the bag with bare fists? While your fists are healing continue your usual regime but strike with your palms instead. Even if you’ve never used palms before and find it quite awkward, stick with it and you will improve, while still giving your body the same workout it gets from punches. Also work more on the various elbows, striking with the forearm, shoulder and your headbutts too if you like.>

Post: kranker66:

– I use bag gloves on the heavy bag, but I’ll try going bare and doing palm strikes instead for awhile…thanks…

– Thanks again for the advice…I’ll start using heat on the affected area this evening…


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