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zefff’s jogging journal


zefff’s jogging journal
Original Poster: zefff
Forum: Training Logs
Posted On: 05-12-2007, 11:12

Orginal Post: zefff: okay Ive been thinking about this for a few days and think its time to get my legs back. The aim is to use my running to supplement my MA training. I will add a couple of nonspecific exercises to the end of the run and a warmdown and stretch. I will be running 3 times a week to begin with. Here is my basic initial plan but any ideas are welcome. I begin 2nite! I will do the running and see how I feel when I get to the playground/football pitch but this is my aim:

short stretch (getting old now)
400 yard power walk warm up
2 mile(ish) moderate speed run
3 sets of jog/sprint length of football pitch
3 mins shadow box
3 sets of super burpes
3 sets of chin up
3 sets of tricep dip
3 sets of leg raise
3 sets of hanging situp/crunch
2 miles of moderate speed run

I am off now and prolly wont be back for a very long time. πŸ˜†

Post: The BadBoy:

First time tonight? lol, good luck keeping that up. Especially if its only supplemental training.>

Post: zefff:

just got back! Man I am knackered! Funny thing is the 3 sprints exhausted me but the rest of my body coped easy. my lungs are a little achy but whats most strange is thats its my lower back feeling it most.

I feel great though and hopefully its this feeling that will help me to keep it up.>

Post: Umy:

Jogging is my ultimate passtime πŸ˜†

My tips for jogging, these are a bit off your situation but I suppose someone out there, maybe, may just get something from them πŸ˜› :

Take a walkman and buy some rechargable batteries for it, the rhythm generally helps me set a pace and usually helps me ignore a lot of pain and tiredness,

Dont run a specific route for too long (change regularly, makes it more interesting),

Try stick to short streets and quiet areas as there is less traffic and people traffic,

Try and pace yourself if your running miles but every so often break the tempo,

Take a coin with you incase you need a drink and get very thirsty, if your a girly man like myself (not loads of loose change as it gets annoying after a while),

Try not to stop and talk to people you know, generally wastes most of my jogging time πŸ˜†

And finally, wrap up, its getting chilly now, hat and gloves πŸ˜›

Keep up the good work bro, at first it seems like a task you dont want to do, but in time that reverses completely, great way of getting your cardio done :D>

Post: bushidoka:

try running on a softer surface, grass, sand, shallow water, etc. They will make you work harder, and much easier on the joints. Cross country of course is the ultimate.
And of course, have fun zefff!>

Post: zefff:

yes I have always been a hills and valley man myself and thats what I am doing again. Im lucky to have lived next to country parks when I was younger and am near another one now. The football pitch is at the foot of a huge hill so I use it for guaging my sprints. Was just testing the waters last night but think I can handle more so will up the lengths and add more sprints soon.

Much more interesting and challenging than pounding streets and also I notice that as my air intake increases it feels better to be breathing hilltop air rather than roadside pollutants. Mind you the benefit of running in populated areas is that everytime you see someone, suddenly you straighten up, pick up pace and run with good strides and form…well I do anyway. Pride eh?? :mrgreen:

do you guys think mixing the running with the body weight exercises and then back to running in one session is the best thing to do considering I am aiming to be a jack of all trades?


Post: george stiles:

hey man thats alot of running. watch it if you haven’t run for a while its easy to get shim splints. ans try to stay off the hard pavement>

Post: bushidoka:

“do you guys think mixing the running with the body weight exercises and then back to running in one session is the best thing to do considering I am aiming to be a jack of all trades?”
No, I do not agree with this principle, but then I am not you. I do not combine the two forms, other than increasing resistance while running, eg., running up stairs carrying someone on your back or wearing a weight harness. I don’t believe in ankle weight for running, they are to close and to destructive to the joints..
Do your cardio first thing in the morning, it is much more effective. Eat or consume protein directly afterwards. Keep your self hydrated. Interval or sprint training is definatly the way to go. Do not run more than 2-3 times per week, and not 2 consecutive days, and if you are on weights, do not run the day before, or the day of your leg workout, nor for 2 days after.
Now, most devout joggers are going to disagree with this, but the science will not back them up.
Feed the machine. Your caloric intake should have jumped to meet the energy expenditure of your new regime. Avoid over training ang have fun!>

Post: zefff:

thanks but when I said body weight exercise I meant the chinups and dips etc. I dont use ankle/wrist weights and I dont lift weights either. I only ever do body’weight exercises where I am resisting against or lifting my own body. πŸ˜‰ If it gets easy I will just run faster and less rest between sets and try to improve my times for the program.

Its not that much running but although I want to, I am watching that I dont over exert myself, and Im sure I will be able to fall into the groove quite quickly as I used to run cross country for my county and used to do jog/sprint and cross country daily. I stopped daily unning at the age of 24.

I am running in the evenings because the program I listed is taking quite a long time to get through but once I get it down to a good and consistent time, then I know I can go out and I wont be late for work. πŸ˜‰

cheers and any input about running then exercising then running again in one session is most welcome.

Edit: Should add I went training last night and had LOADS of energy and muscle fatigue came a bit later than usual. I have been a lot eating more too. Running on a friday night will be interesting.>

Post: bushidoka:

Right on Zefff, sounds like you enjoy the sport greatly. Stay with it brother, sounds like you are doing just fine!>

Post: zefff:


its sharing the playgrounds with the local druggies thats the hardest part. My legs were achy this morning but I went training today and definetly felt more explosive in my legs during sparring.

Is training through the ache bad? Also if anyone has any good warmdown tips that help with avoiding the ache would be appreciated.

ta very much.>

Post: bushidoka:

The ache you feel is DOMS, delayed onset muscular soreness syndrom. Most anything I would recommend for this would be a supplement zefff, so I won’t bother. The only viable alternatives I could recommend would be green tea, as it is an effective anti-oxident.
Stretch often, every 2-3 hrs for 5-10 min. It serves no purpose to stretch any longer than this. Go through the whole body. Meditative breathing is also helpful if your style encompasses this.
Warm down for running, try walking off 50 paces, 1 min light static stretch, 40 paces, 2min light static stretch, 30 paces, 3 min light static stretch, 20 paces, 1 min deep dynamic stretch, 20 paces with 2 min deep dynamic stretch, then walk it out drinking protein. 5 min combined stretching within the hour following your training followed by moderate carb intake.>

Post: zefff:

its only been a week but I feel better already! I have been coughing for a few days and coughed up some flem from the chest the other night as it seems my lungs are having a clear out. The lungs feel better and it was my heart that felt the workout last time. Must admit I seem to notice an increase in recovery time too. i.e. rest between sets. Am hoping to stretch my heart and lungs tonight again with more input into the sprints.>

Post: zefff:

had a break over crimbo but am back in the swing now. Last night it was my legs that suffered and I am finding the pull ups harder than usual…guess that’ll be the mince pies!

My joints have gotten better, no clicking at all in most of the joints now. Not sure if its down to the Chondroitin and Glucosamine plus cod liver oil or the fact that I have changed my routine but I do feel better than a month or so ago.>

Post: zefff:

Wow! its weird reading back. Got a fight coming up so I will update this log over the next month to include my whole regime.

—Yesterday did: short stretch, mirror work/shadow boxing, forms, pushups, chin ups and dips in the morning.

In evening – stretching, 40mins of various ab, upper body and some leg exercises, 5 x 25 sets of various burpee type exercise. 1 hour of sparring at a reasonable rate.

—Today did: short stretch, mirror work/shadow boxing, forms, pushups, chin ups and dips in the morning.

In evening – short stretch, 3 mile jog cross country, finished with 5 sets of uphill sprint jog over 20 and 100metres. 20mins chi sau cool down.

Had my last shot of Brandy! πŸ˜†

—bwoy this is getting boring fast…Day 3 – stretch, mirror work/shadow boxing, forms, chin ups in the morning.

mirror work/shadow boxing, skipping, 3 x 2 mins of various burpees, wide, narrow and hand stand pressups (fists and fingers), padwork, standup sparring.

—DAY 4 & 5 – (Gonna cut out all the boring stuff and just concentrate on how I feel and maybe if summat happens I’ll log it)

Havent drunk anything but feel weird and slept loads over the weekend…hope Im not catching a cold.

Worked mostly on a couple of takedowns and throws on the weekend and worked it all into sparring. Also worked on continually pressing the centre to back up the opponent.

Went home and drank 5 pints of liquid! 😯 …no alcohol πŸ˜₯ , but consoled myself with a walnut whip.

—Day 6 – woke up did my usual pressups on fists, fingers, backs of hands and palms. Forms, short go of shadow/mirror, 5 sets of chinups, etc…

feel ok. Will see if I am really ill or not when I go running later.

—Day 7/8/9 – feel good in running and sprints. Got a shoulder strain which I dont think will heal in time though :(

Started a simple PMA program to help my performances and get me ready for competition. It goes like this “I AM THE PRETTIEST! I AM THE SWEETEST! I AM THE GREATEST! etc, etc…” πŸ˜†

Started sparring and padwork with gloves and headguard now and cant believe how rubbish I am with them on. A lot of adjustments to have to make in a short time.

Its interesting because if I cant see the opponent (which happens a lot for me with a headguard on), I use sensitivity in my hands to compensate but with gloves on this strategy is ruined. I am training with 16oz gloves but will fight in 10oz so hopefully I’ll feel better in those. I’ll have a few rounds of sparring in the 10oz’s and see how they feel.

Saw the entry sheet last night for the first time and cant believe the categories in this joker of a tournament. Its an ‘open’ so I am told to expect all styles of Kungfu and even kickboxers and MT, etc. :roll: The weight cats are huge divides and I will be in the 85kgs+ open cat because although I could lose 5kgs I have a team mate already suited that weight, so basically I will stick at my natural 90kgs and roll with heavy weights! πŸ˜₯

Will be concentrating on improving my sprints and rest times as well as setting up throws and maybe dust off my old guntings over the next few days…oh as well as try to learn to punch half decent with them damn gloves on! :lol:>

Post: zefff:

upto Day 15

Ive lost 3.5kgs and feel great. Got a few niggling injuries but should be okay. Getting into harder sparring and getting used to the headguard. Still hate it though.

Rest times have come right down! Yippeee!! :)

Running last night got a weird blister on the side of my second toe. Cant explain how I got it but it burns like helland is affecting my mobility while striking.

Might enter Shuai Jiao too just for the experience. Depends if the events dont clash. No biggy, just want experience TBH.


Lost count of the days

Had my last serious sparring session today. it went well and I feel quite good even though I have a few injuries. They shouldnt hold me back too much but the shin splints in one leg are a pain. 2 days to go till I get my arse kicked! 8)>

Post: zefff:

Post fight analysis!

San Shou rules with head butts, elbows, knees, chin na (joint locks), takedowns and throws all allowed. 3 x 3 minute rounds.

Day before weigh in I was 86kgs (down from 90kgs) so I ate and drank VERY well to make sure I didnt mess up and hit 85 for weigh in. On the morning I weighed in at 89kgs!…then I went to the toilet. πŸ˜† Because not many heavy and welter weights turned up we combined in a 85+kgs open weight category as I expected. :(

Semi’s: me vs 94kgs Shuai Jiao man.

He was stronger and taller but only effective in the clinch really where he looked to set up throws and takedowns. He could punch very hard and beat me in the 1st round with some hard shots, throws and a good head butt I remember. 2nd round I woke up after taking a few hard punches and started to relax and out boxed him, beating him to the punch. He really didnt like my thigh kicks πŸ˜† I couldnt really work inside though because his throws and strength were very good. Although I was satisfied that I managed to get a couple of good clean throws on him. I won by decision after 3 rounds.

Final: me vs 98kgs kickboxing man

This man was bigger and had very good kicking ability. Also his punches were very hard and he had a good workrate throwing hard combinations. He won his semi with an easy KO (round house nto the head IIRC) in the 1st round over a 5’7″ 86kg Wing Chun man. We both had leg injuries although I dont think he noticed mine.

He took the first round with his higher workrate. I got a good throw and came back with puches of my own towards the end of the round but he had done enough to win it. 2nd round I began working harder and getting my punches in. Worked a few low kicks and saw him wincing. This gave me a boost and I took it to him although his punches still were very hard and he did strike me down…didnt see it. I jumped straight back up all pissed off πŸ˜† and came back to win the round. I really felt like I was getting better and he was getting worse so was hyped up now for the last round. I took it to him with my hardest low kicks and punches but he managed to soldier on coming back with his own strong punches. I wasnt letting him use his kicks by closing quickly which was good but his height and weight advantage evened up the odds on the inside. It was a close final round and I felt that if we had one more I would have won. Anyway he took the decision which I felt was a fair one. So I took 2nd place against a man who outweighed me by a stone and a half (20 pounds)!. A lot of work to do though.>

Post: zefff:

For the past 3 months Ive been training through a hairline fracture to one of the small bones in the wrist at the base of the metacarpals. This is a list of exercises I have experimented with, focused on and am able to perform without putting stress on the wrist and hand:

Jog/sprints from point to point – To maintain cardio and simulate the standup sparring I am unable to do.

Stair or uphill runs/hops/two footed jumps – To work the legs and lower legs specifically as I cannot use a skipping rope.

Shadow boxing with and without ankle/wrist weights – good way to put a load on the injured arm without stressing the wrist.

Consecutive jabs, consecutive lead shovel hook/head hook, consecutive lead hook/uppercut/jab and jab/cross/hook/uppercut/overhand – Each performed in sets of 3×3,5×5,7×7 and 9×9 to a hanging piece of paper. Adjusting the base as the paper moves back this works the upperbody while maintaining your whole body’s muscle memory without the stress of impact from a bag or focus mitts.

1 arm pressups – Aim to do 2 for every 3 my partner does but never less than 1 for every 2.

Legs – stretching, kicks, squats, low hops, low walking.

1 arm burpees – 1 for every 2 my partner does, never lower than 1 for every 3.

Trunk – crunch, situp, side raise, V’s (straight legs meet straight arms).

BJJ rolling – with a splint to protect the wrist and hand from accidental damage this gives a great full body workout.>

Post: zefff:

Borrowed a cam today and managed to capture some no gi rolling we did this morning, outside of regular classes. Sadly I only got the first warmup round so its nothing great. A bigger memory card should sort that.

Feel free to express your opinions but please fast forward past the first 1:30 mins πŸ˜‰ and also take into account me and my mate Richard were both on the piss last night and suffering with hangovers.

Oh yeah and we are both white belts.>

Post: zefff:

Losing is better than winning when you learn!

Went to the ADCC UK regionals (no gi submission wrestling) the other week. Everything that could have went wrong did go wrong!

1) Had a mild lung infection it seems, at the time I just ignored the odd coughs and poor performances in training.
2) Over-trained in the days running up to the tournament.
3) Trained a little striking 2 days before and got punched in the thumb, rendering one hand near useless.
4) Knew I would meet more experienced grapplers so expected to lose. This made me negative and tentative on the day, reacting rather than being proactive with my own game.
5) Couldnt get a lift so at the last minute decided to drive myself…my car broke down but I managed to get her going. All very stressful.
6) Arrived late. As I entered the hall I heard my name being called to the mat so no time for rest, food or hydration…straight unto the mat!
7) Did not study the rules prior so had 10 secs to digest the implications of no scoring in the first 3 minutes etc.

Anyway, my first fight was against a MMA/Sub grappler type guy with a little less skill than me but more strength. I managed to sweep him a couple of times after finding him in my guard. The match ended with me in his half guard but we both tried and failed a few submissions.

My second fight was against my mirror image, only 10 years younger. He had an identical physique and once we began I could feel his strength and speed was exactly equal. He got me in a guilotine which I defended for a very long time, I got out of that and found him in my guard. I was gassed and could not attack. I lost.

I was upset because I hate to lose when I know I could perform better. I went back to training with a new vigour and got tapped 3 times in my first round of sparring! πŸ˜† Now I have slowed my rolling right down and working on things slowly rather than blasting through techniques.>

Post: zefff:

Update: Went to the Urban Gorillaz BJJ Southern Open last weekend and won my division! Some extremely good white belts out there and my first two or three fights were VERY hard fought against some of the toughest white belts Ive ever rolled with. Highlights for me were pulling off a couple of sweet takedowns including one textbook Uchi Mata. The rest of my performances were quite poor technically by my own low standard due to me having to dig deep and just struggle on as I had a slight cold and was coming up against technique beyond my knowledge from some of the guys but the final was against a guy Ive beaten before and he was a lot more aggressive and active than the last time we met. I could see he had developed a lot since our last meeting and I look forward to the next. Its getting tough out there! :mrgreen: vid soon!>

Post: dscott:

Congratulations Zefff!!!!!>

Post: …formless…:

Congrats to Zeff! Sounds like you’re knocking on the door of blue belt. Do you feel that way?

edit: I hope you got the Uchi Mata on video! Post that sucker ASAP>

Post: zefff:

Thanks! I feel that way sometimes, then I dont at others. TBH I still make a lot of basic mistakes all the time even though I have tapped the odd blue here and there. Some badass whites about though.>

Post: zefff:

Cue shameless self promotion!

“Another stand out from the tournament was Medium Heavy weight competitor in the white belt division, Delroy Mcdowell from BTT Ze Marcello. With a commanding performance and a large variety of take-downs, he won his division in what one competitor said “……. in style”.”

Grappling Resource for MMA, submission wrestling and Brazilian jiu jitsu – Southern Open 2007 – full results and gallery


Post: bamboo:

Very cool picture and review Delroy. :) Sorry, I mean Zefff.

Well done!>

Post: Wilhelm von Wankenstein:

Congrats, zefffster! All that hard work has paid off! πŸ˜€

On an unrelated note, I am reminded not for the first time of Lateef Crowder when looking at you :lol:>

Post: zefff:

Dunno WTF Lateef is but nothing has paid off yet at all…got choked 3 times in 1 five minute round by another white belt last night.

…now let me go see who Lateef is…>

Post: zefff:

Absolutely nothing like me at all!>

Post: Wilhelm von Wankenstein:

I think it’s just the attention-catching dreads πŸ˜†

That, and the cool moves ;)>

Post: zefff:

Vid of white belt medium heavy weight final where I am absolutely exhausted but manage to drag out a points win. Pulled off one half decent throw in this but sadly its obscured by the ref. Still waiting for my other bouts.

YouTube – Pedro Bessa Team at Southern Open>

Post: bamboo:

You really stuffed his takedowns8). For a knackered guy you certainly held position quite nicely.

Good stuff Zefff.

Question for you- What kind of takedowns do you guys practice at your club?


Post: zefff:

Dude I had a crazy cold that day and after each bout I would run to the corner and fall asleep! Was coughing like crazy as soon as adrenaline wore off at the end of the day. Knackered is an understatement! Not happy with the performance at all!

Takedowns? Shoot for single and double leg. Many classic Judo technique like Deashi Harai, Kosoto Gari, Uchi mata, Seoinage, Harai Goshi, Tsuri Goshi etc…by the way those are my favourites all though Im not very good. …Ooh and another one I dont know the name of but it is when you grip the collar same side, pull them in by stepping back and shoot low for a crotch lift then slam!

I love Judo man! I dont know if I said but we share one Dojo with Judo and Aikido schools. I dont get to it a lot lately but my Jiu Jitsu instructor has very good Judo himself and we spar from the feet all the time. I dont train no gi but there is also a lot going on there I cant talk about.


Post: zefff:

Another bout, semi finals I think. He is smaller than me but I am smaller than the guy I beat in the finals so he would have been giving away a lot if he got through. I pull off Uchi mata which felt great at the time but is actually awful now I see the vid, but I pull of a nice Harai(?) (pull/lift footsweep) later on which makes up for it.

[YOUTUBE <object width=”425″ height=”355″><param name=”movie” value=”″></param><param name=”wmode” value=”transparent”></param><embed src=”″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” wmode=”transparent” width=”425″ height=”355″></embed></object>[/YOUTUBE >

Post: zefff:

New video from last weekend at Copa Bitetti where I won <85kgs Branca, Masters category and I also won the Branca Absolute category too where everybody I fought was much bigger than me! Hopefully I can get some footage of me against the bigger guys. Please feel free to critique.

[YOUTUBE <object width=”425″ height=”355″><param name=”movie” value=”″></param><param name=”wmode” value=”transparent”></param><embed src=”″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” wmode=”transparent” width=”425″ height=”355″></embed></object>[/YOUTUBE >

Post: bamboo:


Not a critique but rather an idea. At -5.18 at the beginning where your leaning directly on the right side of his body. An interesting and high percentage throw for me at this point is:
1. step in
2. keeping the gi secured with your left arm and head close, and secure the other arm under the elbow.
3. literally sit down and twist your body to the left.
4. Enjoy a nice side mount position.

I find people feel they are going to get mount and push into it as I sit and my twisting then effortlessly brings them underneath.>

Post: bamboo:

One critique from the takedown point of view- In my humble opinion I suggest you talk to your instructor about practicing grip for dominant position. 5 minutes of “grip fighting” every session will greatly inprove your potential to gain dominant standing position and a controlled takedown.

Ask any good judoka about this.

Nice armbar. Very gracious winner as well, nice to see.



Post: zefff:

Oh yeah I forgot to add, although my body language probably gives it away but he is my team mate from a sister dojo.

Any video or .gif of this technique please Bamboo?>

Post: bamboo:

Very close to yoko otoshi

Yoko Otoshi — Side Drop

I just follow to the mount and keep him in tighter.>

Post: zefff:

Ahhh thanks! I always think to try those kind of technique but because Ive not been taught it properly Im always afraid of any technique where I give up my mobility.>

Post: bamboo:

Nobody at the gym had seen it either until I did it. Well worth experimenting with when in the safety of your own group.>

Post: …formless…:

LOL…great quote in the top video, “How long is this shit going on? WTF…this is like 7 minutes” LOL

I thought the Uchi Mata was fine! So it wasn’t world class Judoka clean, as long as it took you minimal effort and the dude went down its all good right?

All in all, good stuff Zeff! Its good to see a fellow WCner who has embraced the dark side doing well in competition! You’re really putting the pressure on me to compete, do well, and post videos! Keep it up>

Post: dscott:

Speaking of Wing Chun……Zefff…..are you still training in WC or Escrima? Or have you just dedicated your time to BJJ?>

Post: zefff:

No Wing Chun classes but I run the odd form at home with some shadow boxing, pure BJJ with Gi at the moment. After I win my category in the Europeans (God willing) then I will hopefully start some proper no gi and then try to start my MMA campaign with the help of some good old boxing. After that my dream is to go back to a little WC and then Escrima and BJJ through my old age.

BTW Bamboo, I tried that technique in training as best I could in sparing and it worked a treat on everybody except the 100kg+ guys so I think I will be using it. Thanks!>

Post: bamboo:

BTW Bamboo, I tried that technique in training as best I could in sparing and it worked a treat on everybody except the 100kg+ guys so I think I will be using it. Thanks!

Great to hear!>

Post: zefff:

New vids from last weekend. Need to work on a lot of things! Critique welcome.

[YOUTUBE <object width=”425″ height=”355″><param name=”movie” value=”″></param><param name=”wmode” value=”transparent”></param><embed src=”″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” wmode=”transparent” width=”425″ height=”355″></embed></object>[/YOUTUBE 

[YOUTUBE <object width=”425″ height=”355″><param name=”movie” value=”″></param><param name=”wmode” value=”transparent”></param><embed src=”″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” wmode=”transparent” width=”425″ height=”355″></embed></object>[/YOUTUBE >

Post: bamboo:

I had something to say when you pulled guard in the first vid and were hanging off him about a nice cradle takedown –Giri Martial Arts – Video

But then you went and attemped just that.

So, carry on…:lol:>

Post: zefff:

The final match where it failed so I went for Ommaplata?…Which also failed?? That guy was tough, he had really, really good Judo and he knew to avoid my shoots. He also knew I’d had problems attacking the turtle before but thankfully I’ve been working on that a little. Just need to speed up the final phase of my flower sweep now. :)>


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