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Weight Training for Strength


Weight Training for Strength

There are various types of weight training for strength and many techniques that are involved. Please click on the weight training topic you would like to learn more about and see videos.

Types of Weight Training

Full Body Exercises

Lowerbody Weight Training Exercises (Common)
There are 2 lifts that everyone should do, and that is the squat and deadlift. No strength training routine should be left without them. If you were only going to do one, I would do the deadlift. I believe it works more muscles then just the squat and gives you better overall strength. I would only suggest squatting or deadlifting once a week. For those with weak or bad backs deadlift every other week or look into trap bar deadlifts (my personal favorite exercise apparatus)

Upperbody Weight Training Exercises (common)
There are MANY exercises for training your upperbody, and many variations of those exercises. Each muscle group can be trained a certain way. My favorite upper body exercise is by far the heavy push press. Nothing beats it for overall strength and upperbody size.


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