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Renzo Gracie


Renzo Gracie (pronounced “Henzo”) (born March 11, 1967 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) is a lifelong practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and a member of the legendary Gracie family from Brazil. He holds notable wins over former UFC champions Frank Shamrock, Pat Miletich, Carlos Newton and Maurice Smith.


He is brother to Ralph Gracie, and Ryan Gracie. Renzo has competed both in sport BJJ and mixed martial arts events such as the PRIDE Fighting Championships, the International Fight League, RINGS – King of Kings, Martial Arts Reality Superfighting(MARS) and the World Combat Championship.
In February of 2007, Gracie won a match against Frank Shamrock for upstart MMA promotion EliteXC on its debut night Saturday February 10, 2007, on Showtime. Shamrock was disqualified by referee Herb Dean due to knee strikes to the back of Gracie’s head while both fighters were on the ground. He had already been given one warning earlier in the match for illegal strikes to the back of Gracie’s head. After the match, Gracie had to be helped out of the ring and back to his dressing room by his team due to receiving a concussion from the strikes. He will fight Carlos Newton in a third fight in June.
Renzo is currently coaching his team, the New York Pitbulls, for the International Fight League.

Renzo Gracie Academy

Renzo is the main instructor at the Renzo Gracie Academy which is located in Midtown Manhattan. Many well known BJJ and MMA fighters have been trained by Renzo, including BJJ black belts Rodrigo Gracie, Matt Serra, Ricardo Almeida and Sean Alvarez.

Renzo also has written an instructional book on Jujitsu, called “Mastering Jujitsu”, with his training partner John Danaher.

Personal Life

Renzo is married and has two children, Coralina and Ruran.

MMA Record

13 Wins (2 (T)KO’s, 7 submissions, 3 decisions, 1 DQ), 6 Losses (1(T)KO, 1 submission, 4 decisions), 1 Draw
Date Result Opponent Outcome Event Round Time
2/10/2007 Win Frank Shamrock DQ(Knees to the head of a downed opponent) EliteXC – Destiny 2 2:00
12/31/2006 Win Carlos Newton Decision (Split) IFL World Team Championships 3 5:00
09/23/2006 Win Pat Miletich Submission (Guillotine Choke) IFL Gracie vs. Miletich 1 3:37
07/29/2005 Loss B. J. Penn Decision (Unanimous) K-1-World Grand Prix Hawaii 3 5:00
10/05/2003 Loss Carlos Newton Decision (Split) PRIDE Bushido 1 2 5:00
06/23/2002 Loss Shungo Oyama Decision (Unanimous) PRIDE 21 – Demolition 3 5:00
11/3/2001 Win Michiyoshi Ohara Decision (Unanimous) PRIDE 17 – Championship Chaos 3 5:00
3/25/2001 Loss Dan Henderson KO (Punch) PRIDE 13 – Collision Course 1 1:40
8/27/2000 Loss Kazushi Sakuraba Technical Submission (Kimura) PRIDE 10 – Return of the Warriors 2 9:43
2/26/2000 Loss Kiyoshi Tamura Decision (Unanimous) Rings – King of Kings 1999 Final 2 5:00
12/22/1999 Win Maurice Smith Submission (Armlock) Rings – King of Kings 1999 Block B 1 0:50
12/22/1999 Win Wataru Sakata Submission (Armbar) Rings – King of Kings 1999 Block B 1 1:25
11/21/1999 Win Alexander Otsuka Decision PRIDE 8 2 10:00
3/15/1998 Win Sanae Kikuta Submission (Guillotine Choke) PRIDE 2 6 0:43
10/11/1997 Draw Akira Shoji Draw PRIDE 1 3 10:00
9/27/1997 NC Eugenio Tadeu No Contest – Fans Rioted Pentagon Combat – Pentagon Combat 1 14:45
11/22/1996 Win Oleg Taktarov KO (Kick and Punch) MARS – Martial Arts Reality Superfighting 1 1:02
10/17/1995 Win James Warring Submission (Choke) WCC 1 – First Strike 1 2:47
10/17/1995 Win Phil Benedict Submission (Strikes) WCC 1 – First Strike 1 2:08
10/17/1995 Win Ben Spijkers Submission (Choke) WCC 1 – First Strike 1 2:38
1/1/1992 Win Luiz Augusto Alvareda TKO (Rear Naked Choke) Desafio – Gracie Vale Tudo 1 7:03

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