3rd Degree Kobukai Ju-Jitsu Black Belt, 20+ Years Combatives Experience, Certified Hand-to-Hand Combat Instructor... and more.  Teaches Police Officers, SWAT Team Members, Corrections Officers, Security Professionals and "Every-Day Joes":
How to Fight, Win and Survive."

COMBATIVES Instructor Reveals:

Astonishingly-Simple Instinctual and Natural Fighting System That Needs Almost No Training To Be Mastered.

  • Do you have the ability to fight, win and survive?

  • Are you prepared for the growing VIOLENCE and CHAOS in this f_ucked-up world we live in?

  • Can YOU defend yourself, your family and your loved ones?

It is Your Responsibility to defend yourself and your loved ones.  It's part of being a man.  Do you have the ability? Read-on if you have doubts.

matt-1Hay man... My name is Matt Bryers, I am the creator of the Warrior Combatives Academy.  I am also owner / head instructor at the Jiu-Jitsu and Strength Academy in Cromwell, CT (USA).

I have a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Kobukai Ju-Jitsu (Combat Jiu-Jitsu), Certified H2H Combat Instructor, Certified Defence Lab - DNA Fight System Instructor, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belt (Rafael "Formiga" Barbosa).

It is literally MY JOB to teach and train SWAT Team Members, Police Officers, Corrections Officers, Security Professionals and "Every-Day-Joes" on how to defend themselves when the sh*t really hits the fan.

I believe that men should be Warriors.

I believe that it is our duty and responsibility to be able to defend ourselves and fight for our family and loved ones.

As far as I'm concerned, it's irresponsible to not have that Power or Ability.

As you'll read-on, you'll learn about what it takes to become that man aka Warrior that you should be, and what it takes to have the Power, Ability and Confidence in your ability to fight for yourself and your loved ones.

"Are You Ready To Develop The Skills That Will WIN The Unexpected Fights Where You Or a Loved One Is Threatened? Hoping For the Police To Show Up, A Bouncer To Break It Up, Or a Passer-By To Help You Is The Gameplan of The Weak and Timid"

Throughout my years fighting, training, working at clubs, and just being a typical "guy" - It still surprises me how quickly real fights can happen and how BRUTAL they can be.

You've seen the news: random violent attacks, hate crimes, riots, "knock-out games", invasions, break-ins, beatings..... and that's not even close to reality of what's really going on.

The World is VIOLENT and people are getting CRAZY!

Fights and attacks happen everywhere not just “in the street”. ATM Robberies, Drunk Idiots in a Bar, Airplane Fights over Seats. Car-Jacking, ROAD RAGE…. and MORE.

Just think about how many situations your are in EVERY DAY where something could go “wrong”.

Be honest with yourself….. Can you really defend yourself in those situations?

We live in a violent world.
Gang violence is all too common

Something feels "off" lately in the world.

Like something is on the horizon and that something isn't good.  Increased violence everywhere, civil unrest, "shady" government.

I don't know about you, but lately.... I feel an increased sense of AWARENESS and CONCERN.

I love the human race, love this world and love all its inhabitants.... But there's this unmistakable feeling of something... Wrong.

I believe we all feel it and that in our gut we know we need to be ready. We know we that things are around us... regardless of what country you live in are getting worse daily and who knows when the shit is REALLY going to hit the fat.

We all know we need to be ready.  

We must develop a strong body, a strong mind, and a strong ability to defend ourselves and our loved ones.

There are two types of men in this world...

First, there is your “average” guy. He works hard, lives a good life, pays his taxes, and maybe even has as a family. But in the back of his mind he knows he’s “missing something”.
He asks himself: “Can I really defend myself and my family if I have to?”

I train A LOT of these guys, in fact I would say that 80% of my students and clients ARE this guy.

Most of these guys when I first meet them are "lost".

Their typical day consists of going to work, hanging out with the family... attempting to go to the gym. Sometimes to most exciting thing in their day is watching other men pretend to be Warriors on TV.

They forgot what it was like to be feel ALIVE, how to feel POWERFUL and to have RESPECT.

But.... once they start learning, training and developing their ability; they start to BECOME "MORE"....


"A True Warrior is a man who commands respect for himself and has the ability to defend himself and his loved ones. "

A Warrior is a different type of man.  In fact, the ultimate definition of a man is a WARRIOR.

He knows who is he is, knows what he's capable of, and he's not afraid to defend himself and his family.

A True Warrior not only knows how to fight and survive, but also improves himself daily to become the man he is supposed to be.

His perception on life is different that others - it's evolved. He RESPECTS HIMSELF, He knows how POWERFUL he is, and he KNOWS that if and WHEN then shit hits the fan... HE'S READY.

Everyday he has a purpose. He's not just living life comfortably. He's forging himself. He doesn't just to to the gym to look pretty - he's there to improve himself. To GET STRONGER. He doesn't just watch TV and calls it a day, he reads, he plays with his kids, he treats his wife well. He takes pride is his work, his family, his achievements.

He makes sure that every day he's a BETTER MAN. And that's what's being a Warrior really is.... Become a Better Man.

Remember - Being a Warrior is more than just knowing how to fight.... But, my friend, it's something you have to know and understand.

It's at the the base layer of every man, It's in our DNA. We need to have the ability, the skills and the Warrior Instincts to FIGHT and SURVIVE.

So, as you continue to on your path of becoming the MAN (aka Warrior) that you were meant to be - don't leave out the most instinctual and one of the most fundamental skills of life:

The Ability to Fight, Survive and Protect Your Family.

Are you ready to tap into your Warrior Instincts and Natural Fighting Ability?

There comes a time in every man's life where he reaches the point and decides it's time to "Step-up". I swear to you, I remember the movement clearly.

My "Time to Wake-up Story":

I was 23 years old, working at club in Hartford, partying way to much, struggling to making rent, my girlfriend (now wife) had just moved in, and I realized that I just can't "Not care anymore". I had to "step-up" - and I did.

What's also funny, is that this was the age I actually switched Jiu-Jitsu schools and joined Kobukai Ju-Jitsu. My teacher Shihan Russ St. Hilaire taught me how to defend myself but also helped me foster my Warrior Spirit and listen to my Warrior Instincts.

A Warrior Spirit is hard to define really.... it's a feeling.... It's just knowing that NO MATTER WHAT - YOU WILL SURVIVE AND WIN.

And I don't just mean in a fight, but I mean in life. Having a strong Warrior Spirit means you have to ability to always come out on top. You WILL be successful. You WILL will acheive your goals. And - you can handle any bumps in the road. Whether that bump is a dude in the bar ready to take your head off or it's losing your job. No matter, you can handle it.

In experience though, honing and developing your Warrior Spirit isn't acheived WITHOUT physical and mental training. You need to challenge yourself, take yourself past your limits and PROVE TO YOURSELF that you can come out on top.

Let's cut the BULL-SHIT....

Real Self Defense and the ability to actually fight and survive is NOT what you're going to see on TV, It's NOT what you're going to learn at your local Karate Studio, and it's NOT just the watching UFC or MMA.

Trust me, MMA fighters and UFC fighters are the best one-on-one fighters in the world in a controlled environment. They are DANGEROUS men. I have personally fought MMA and have trained with MANY professional MMA fighters over the years.

But, MMA is different. It's a sport. It's one-on-one. And it takes A LOT of time to develop your skills. A LOT of time. If you want to commit yourself to becoming a fighter. GO FOR IT! It's tough training, but a lot of fun to do!

What you need is a solid curriculum and program to develop your INSTINCTUAL fighting ability in the shortest amount of time. We all have natural instincts when we're in a fight. You need to listen to them and develop them. That way fighting is just a natural response. It's not some kata or some elaborate self-defense move.
It's just instinct.

These instinctual techniques you need to learn need to be simple enough to execute, but brutally effective.

We call these techniques HIGH-IMPACT / LOW-TECH. Meaning they're instinctual and easy to do, but are very effective at ending the fight.

That is why I have developed the Warrior Combatives Academy Crash Course Program.

The WCA Crash Course is comprised of the most effective self-defense and street fighting techniques that flow with our natural instincts.

"Tap into Your Warrior Instincts and Develop Ruthless and Instinctual Self-Defense"

  • 25 Instinctual and HIGHLY Effective Combat Techniques
    You'll have 25 Video Techniques to help you develop your fighting ability
  • 5 Video Learning Courses
    Learn quickly and effectively with my video learning courses. You'll learn step-by-step what you need to fight.
  • Private Warrior Combatives Training Group Access
    If you need my help, have questions about the material or want to interact with other students, you'll have it!
    For the first 300 purchases, I'll hook you up with the H2H Self-Defense System Manual (Military Fighting System) and the 5 Secrets to Freak Strength Manual

The Warrior Combatives Academy Crash Course

These are NOT the techniques you're going to learn at your local martial arts dojo or some other so-called "expert".

These are true combatives techniques that I teach SWAT team members, Police Officers, Corrections Officers, Bouncers, Professional Fighters and everyday people who want to know how to fight.

I KNOW these techniques work because we test them, train them and fight to prove it on a daily basis.

You aren't going to need to learn any complicated movements. These techniques are all based upon enhancing your natural reactions.

We're talking about the most effective and NO BS street fighting techniques that will help you start on your path of becoming a warrior and learning to fight.

It's unfortunate and scary that the local martial arts community still sells you a false sense of security with their so called self-defense techniques.  Most of these techniques are DANGEROUS and will get you hurt (or worse). But I'm here to give you what works.

- My Warrior Path -

Sensei Matt Bryers

My name is Matt Bryers. I am the creator and found of the Warrior Combatives Academy. I am also the founder, owner and head instructor at the Jiu-Jitsu and Strength Academy (JSA) in Cromwell, CT.

I have dedicated my life to learning to fight, defend myself and improve myself as a man. I started my martial arts training at 16 with Karate and then eventually wrestling. I beleive wrestling my first taste of what it's like to actually fight and survive. Those wrestling practices and matches were tough. But they started me on that path of dedicating my life to learning how to fight.

Over the last 20+ years I have trained in many martial arts styles: Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Bando, Boxing, Kickboxing, Kyokushin Karate, Modern Arnis, 2 other Jiu-Jitsu styles, and finally Kobukai Ju-Jitsu and Soul Fighters Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I have been training Combat and Sport Jiu-Jitsu for just around 17 years.

I have competed in many Submission Grappling Tournaments, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournaments, Full-Contact Karate Fights, Amateur Strongman Events and a Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fight. I have won a lot and lost some too. But all of that is part of my "Warrior Path".

In May of 2011 I opened up my school, the JSA. The JSA is my proving ground. It's where everyday I develop and refine the techniques that I am sharing with you today.

I make sure that all that I teach "makes sense" to my students. It must be easy for them to understsand and use. Real Combat shouldn't be difficult. It should be a natural reaction - and that's what I have developed here.

How Do You Know These Techniques Will Give You the Ability to Defend Against the "Everyday Chaos" in this World?

That one simple question is something that I have asked myself my WHOLE career as a martial artist and combatives expert. I asked ALL my teachers to prove it and I expect ALL of my students to ask me to "prove it".

That is why I consider my school: The Jiu-Jitsu and Strength Academy my proving ground.

EVERY DAY we test, refine and PROVE that our techniques work. We don't do any katas or play with fake weapons. Everyday we battle. We train and enhance our Warrior Fighting Ability.

We have people actually visit us from ALL over the world to train with me and my team of instructors. We are considered one of the best jiu-jitsu and combat schools on the East Coast and possibly the world.

The Warrior Combatives Crash Course is the accumulation of those brutal, effective and Warrior Proven techniques.

Combat Ju-Jitsu Training at the Jiu-Jitsu and Strength Academy

Here is a video of my school, the Jiu-Jitsu and Strength Academy highlighting Kobukai Ju-Jitsu.  Kobukai Ju-Jitsu is one of the best COMBAT Jiu-Jitsu Styles you can learn.  It is highly effective in street combat and sport combat.

What's Included in the Warrior Combatives Academy Crash Course?

The WCA Program is designed to give you the techniques, training methods, drills and coaching you need to become a modern warrior.

These instinctual techniques that just work are going to give you the ability to defend against the UNKNOWN.  Fights rarely happen 1-on-1.  They're sneak attacks, multiple opponents, or you just don't know where it's coming from.

Techniques I am providing you will allow you to tap into your instincts to deal with those attacks.

No old school martial arts BS and NO long, enduring training - I've done that for you already.

They will give you the ability to defend yourself, the ability to fight like a warrior, and the ability protect yourself and your family.  

What's included in the WCA Crash Course?

  • 25 Instinctual and HIGHLY Effective Combat Techniques
    You'll have 25 Video Techniques to help you develop your fighting ability
  • 5 Video Learning Courses
    Learn quickly and effectively with my video learning courses. You'll learn step-by-step what you need to fight.
  • Private Warrior Combatives Training Group Access
    If you need my help, have questions about the material or want to interact with other students, you'll have it!
    For the first 300 purchases, I'll hook you up with the H2H Self-Defense System Manual (Military Fighting System) and the 5 Secrets to Freak Strength Manual

Here's what you will learn:

  • Simple - yet BRUTAL technique that is the Ultimate Fight Changer.
    This one technique will revolutionize the way you fight. It's instinctual, natural and utterly brutal.
  • Hardcore Ballistic Striking Techniques
    These striking techniques go beyond throwing some lame haymakers that barely work. I'm going to teach you how to make your striking so effective that it's almost too easy to end the fight
  • Standing Combat Jiu-Jitsu Techniques
    We all know that jiu-jitsu is one the most effective martial arts out there. It is the base martial art of military programs, police officer training and Mixed Martial Arts (UFC). If you need to fight and survive, you NEED to know to use Jiu-Jitsu. But don't worry, I break it down for you and make it simple, effective and easy to learn.
  • Ground Combat Jiu-Jitsu Techniques
    In a real fight, going to the ground is dangerous, especially in a multiple opponent scenario. BUT - if you do end up there, you HAVE to know what to do! If not, you're going to get your ass kicked or your face stomped in. I like my face - I'm sure you like yours too, there's no reason for a face stomping. Learn how to fight off the ground, get back to your feet, and finish the fight.

Check Out What My Students Think!

Since May of 2009 I have personally taught hundreds of people just like you how to fight when they really have to. These people have trusted me to provide them with what works. They have trusted me with helping them become the warrior they were meant to be.

Here are some reviews from my students and people I have trained over the years.

Review from Evan M. from Connecticut.

Evan changed his life when he started training Combat Jiu-Jitsu.  He has become a new man and every day I'm proud to watch him grow.

Review from John from Connecticut

John is a Warrior.  Every day this guy brings it.  He trains hard, fights hard, learns quickly and just "gets it".

Review from Ramone G. from Connecticut

Ramone is the nicest, most respectful badass you'll ever meet.  This man can fight, but he's so nice that I couldn't imagine anyone ever being upset at him!

Review from Ernesto G. from Connecticut

Ernesto is my "Smiling Warrior".  This guy trains so hard, incredible fighter and works daily on improving - but does it smile!

Review from Kosta G. from Connecticut

Kosta is one of my most recent success stories.  He came from a wrestling background and then stopped.  Fast forward 10 years and he was over-weight, beaten down by his job and lost his drive.  Now, he is a Jiu-Jitsu Warrior!  He lost over 85lbs, competed in multiple competitions, and everyday he is forging himself into a Modern Warrior.

Review from Megs from Connecticut

Women can be Warriors too!  And Megs is a perfect example.  The transformation both physically, mentally AND fighting ability has been incredible to witness.  She came in shy and "fragile" and now she's a Women-Warrior-Ass-Kicker.

Sensei Matt Bryers is one of the best Self Defense instructors in Connecticut by far!

As his Kobukai Jujitsu instructor, I know the depth of Sensei Bryers’ knowledge. He spent many years training directly with me, and was awarded both his Blackbelt in Kobukai Jujitsu, and his formal license to teach Kobukai Jujitsu after proving himself as a blackbelt and assistant instructor for many years in my both my dojo and his own.

He is also highly trained in Japanese Kyokushin Karate and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, making him one of the most well rounded instructors you will ever encounter. His focus is on real self defense and hand to hand combat.

Shihan St. Hilaire
Kobukai Jujitsu Dojo

andrewIn today's world where your ability to use some of your most basic, most primitive, yet most essential skills is often constrained, at least you've got Jits. For me, I find I'm most alive when I'm jumping out of an airplane or when someone is trying to choke me or break my arm and I have to defend it. And, it's great exercise. Matt and Formiga (one of the best in the world) have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to walk the walk. And yet they're humble. If you're interested, I would highly recommend you come and visit.

Andrew Borner, CT

review_pic“Good Training” . . . the phrase that accompanies the start of every roll at JSA is an understatement! I have been training with Matt Bryers and JSA for the past 3 months. Matt has an exceptional staff and training methodology that challenges you to be your best every time you enter JSA. His intense approach to training is tempered with a culture of respect and care for one another which he fosters. I have learned well beyond what I thought I could in the past 3 months (compared with the 6 months I invested at another CT school in the past). I can't say enough about the school - all I can do is recommend it to anyone looking for unbelievable Jiu-Jitsu experience!

Ivan Padilla, CT

evanAs someone with no martial arts, boxing, wresting, etc. training I tried out a few different classes that JSA had to offer and was instantly attracted to the Kobukai classes. These classes are an excellent workout, for people of varying fitness levels. The self defense aspect is great, and I'm always shocked when class is over as it is so interesting/engaging that the time flies. I would recommend to anyone looking to switch up their fitness and learn some new techniques.

Evan Fink, CT

Are You Ready to Become a Modern Warrior?

"A True Warrior is a man who commands respect for himself and has the ability to defend himself and his loved ones."

I want you to understand that becoming a warrior is FAR more then just learning to fight. A warrior has.... presence. A warrior is confident. A warrior has respect.

There's something different about a warrior. A warrior command respects. Not because he asks for it, but it's just who he is and has nothing to prove.

One of my favorite stories is about one of my students and now fellow Black Belt in Kobukai Ju-Jitsu. Sensei R. was at a bar with his wife and friends. Just like some drunk idiots do in a bar, they got mouthy and heated. Sensei R. knew he could easily handled the situation, but "what was the point?". What did he need to prove? Sensei R. told us that he just spent 10 minutes talking the guy down. As far as I'm concerned that's a win!

One of my current students Kosta (If you haven't seen the review from Kosta above, check it out) was also recently at a bar and some guy decided to fight him. Kosta simply did one of our combatives warm-up training sequences that we do nightly (yes, it's included in this course) and dropped that guy in one shot. Bouncer came over, asked what happened, Kosta said he fell. WIN!!!

So my question to you is.... do you want that ability? Do you want that confidence? Do you want that respect?

In my opinion and experience; I know no other way of achieving Warrior Respect without first learning how to fight and defend yourself.

I mean.... Isn't that what being a warrior is all about? Having the ability and balls to stand-up for what is right for you and your family? Having the ability to say fuck-off and back it up to those who want to hurt, abuse and take your respect away?

The answer to that should be a resounding YES.

The first step that I believe you need to take to learn to fight and defend yourself. At our most basic, core, primal needs - I believe you have to defend yourself and your family. If you can't do that - how can you survive?

I don't just mean survive an attack, war, etc - I mean how can you live with yourself knowing that you can't defend yourself and your family. For me.... that's most important.

Now that you know what the first step is - defend yourself - now you're ready for the Warrior Combatives Academy Crash Course.

The Crash Course is comprised of 25 of the necessary techniques you need to know to defend yourself in any area of combat.

The videos are organized into 5 separate e-learning courses that teach you.

YES! - I do have these videos and courses available in DVD. If you want to, please contact me directly and I'll get it out to you!

Once you do purchase, you'll be given IMMEDIATE access through email. You'll be able to take the video courses have access to the Members Only Group diretly on the site. If you ever have any questions, you can always contact me directly!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.How many techniques are in this course?

    A.There are 22 video learning techniques in this course.  These techniques are broken out into 5 E-Learning Sub-Courses.  Each of sub-courses teach you a valuable skill-set that prepares you for the next course.

  • Q.How long are the videos?

    A.I break the videos down into 2-3 minute videos that separate out each technique and concept.  The videos will build upon each other.  Once you learn and understand one element, the next videos just build upon those concepts.

  • Q.How is the course delivered?

    A.Once you purchase, you will IMMEDIATELY be sent a username and password for private access to the Warrior Combatives Crash Course Videos and Warrior Combatives Group.

  • Q.Can I get a DVD?

    A.Absolutely!  If you want a DVD via the contact form.  But my suggestion to you to get the most out of your training is to use the interactive courses I setup online.

  • Q.What happens if I'm not satisfied?

    A.I offer a 100% No-Hassle 60-Day Return.  If for any reason you are unhappy.  Let me know about it!  I will refund your money without problems.

  • Q.How do I get the "FAST-ACTION" Bonuses?

    A.I’ll be tracking all orders on my end. Once you purchase and are one of the first 300, I’ll email you over the Bonus(s).

To Summarize - Here is What I'm Offering You:

The WCA Crash Course Program is designed to give you the techniques, training methods, drills and coaching you need to become a modern warrior.

The program includes 25 of my MOST EFFECTIVE techniques broken up into 5 Easy Learning Courses.  The courses cover how to:

  • Defend and Attack against all common street attacks
  • Ballistic and Brutal Striking Techniques
  • Instinctual Combat Throws and Takedowns
  • Brutal Ground Fighting Tactics and Techniques

These 25 techniques will revolutionize that way you fight and defend yourself.

  • 25 Modern Reality Based Combat Video Techniques

    25 E-Learning videos to help you develop your Warrior Fighting Instincts and techniques.  Learn the most effective street fighting and self-defense techniques

  • 5 Courses to Develop Your Skills

    Your video library is organized into 5 separate courses and technique progressions that allow you to learn strategically and effectively.

  • Private Warrior Combatives Training Group

    To ensure you’re getting the most out of your training, I’ve created a private group for you to interact with me and other Warrior Combatives Academy Students.

  • 2 FAST-ACTION Bonuses - LIMITED to FIRST 100 Buyers

    I’ll hook you up with H2H Self-Defense Manual <-(Military Combatives Fight Training) and my 5 Secrets to Freak Strength Manual<-(Strength Training Manual to give you serious Strength and Power)

Here are Fighting Techniques that are covered in the Warrior Combatives Crash Course

Course #1: Self-Defense Awareness and Principles

In the first course, you need to learn how to address a combat situations.  This includes body-language, combat stance, hand positions, and WHEN to attack to defend yourself.

This video course is a necessity for understanding a real combat situation and how to NOT let the "bad guy" hit you first.

2 Videos To Watch

Course #2: Defend and Attack at the Same Time

In this course, you're going to learn the a revolutionary defensive and offensive technique that will INSTANTLY make you a better fighter.

This one technique is SO simple yet SO effective, that it will be your core technique that you will use in any encounter.

7 Videos To Watch

Course #3: Brutal Ballistic Striking Techniques

Your next course to learn is how to use some brutal ballistic striking techniques.

These are NOT Karate, Boxing, Tae Kown Do, etc techniques.  These techniques are ONE SHOT fight stoppers.  And if that one shot didn't put the bad guy down - the next one will.

4 Videos To Watch

Course #4: Fight-Ending Combat Combinations

This is where things get "fun"!  Now, you're going to learn how to put things together.

You'll combine your Defensive and Offensive Techniques with Brutal Striking to create VERY Natural Combinations to Drop Your Opponent or Set-up an Easy Fight-Ending-Finish.

4 Videos To Watch

Course #5: Combat Jiu-Jitsu: Takedowns & Ground

We live in a Modern World where MMA, UFC, Wrestling, etc are on TV, YouTube and basically all over the place.

Bad-Guys watch this stuff, they KNOW about ground fighting now.  You can't ignore the real possibility that the fight will end up in Grappling Range (takedowns and throws) or on the Ground.

If you end up on the ground - you better know what do.... or you're F_cked.

7 Videos To Watch

PRIVATE ACCESS: Online Training and Coaching

Not only will you get all the techniques and training; but I'm also offering you online coaching and training through our Warrior Combatives Training Group.

This is a private group where I work with you similar to how I would work with a student at my school. I'll answer questions, provide you extra techniques and tips, and ensure that you're getting the most out of your training.

7-DAY LAUNCH OFFER - WCA Crash Course for $29 - Normally $149

For Subscribers and Followers of Dan Fagella and Fightauthority.com, we're offering a 7-DAY SALE!

To get all these techniques, survival tips and training - I'm offering you this 7-day a deal of $29. I will ONLY be keeping this deal up for ONE-WEEK. After week is up, the price WILL go to $149.00

On average I charge my students around $160 a month to get the same information. Yes, they have access to me and train with me on a daily basis. But, for $29.... how can you go wrong. Also, I'll be throwing in these free bonuses.

PLUS - If you're one of the FIRST 300 Buyers you'll get my FAST-ACTION Bonuses

FAST-ACTION Bonus #2: 5 Secrets of Freak Strength Manual: $27.99


To develop Freak Strength, we need to train like "freaks". We're not your typical weight lifters. We're not your typical pretty-boy bicep and chest workout boys – we're freaks of nature who don't fit the norm. Our goal is to be insanely strong, insanely powerful and insanely jacked.

I've created 5 Secrets of Freak Strength to give you the power to become feared, powerful and respected. I'm tired of seeing these fitness guys preach high reps, low sets, and working to get their pump on. Sure they may look "fit" – but I don't want to look fit. I want to look scary. I want to look those fitness boys in eyes and watch them turn away from me in fear.

The 5 Secrets to Freak Strength are not extreme. They're simple principles and rules to follow that only the elite few actually do. It took me years to finally break the mold of the fitness world and start training the right way.

What it did to my body, my strength, and my performance (MMA & Jiu-Jitsu competitions) shocked me. As I refined my training I started to work with some of the strongest people in the world: Strongman.

Specifically: Derek Poundstone and his team of strongman trainers. I continue to work with Derek today and now I compete in Strongman events as well.

Now it's your time to learn the secrets of freakiness and become the MAN you want to be.

Fast-Action Bonus #1: H2H Combat System Manual: $47.99


The H2H Self Defense Manual Is One Of The Most Complete And Structured Self Defense Manuals And Video Series That Gives You The Necessary Combat Responses To Execute In 95% Of All Combat Situations. The H2H System Has Been Used For Decades By NAVY Seals, Soldiers, Police Officers, Security Professionals. Recently This Manual And Video Series Are Now Available To Civilians.

I Know What You Might Be Thinking - 95% Of All Combat Situations - Come On!

The Reason We Can Make This Claim Is Because It's Actually Very True. The Way The H2H System Is Structured Is Based Upon Simplicity And Using The Same Highly Effective Principles And Techniques As Responses To A Variety Of Attacks And Situations. This Way, You Are Not Learning Complex And Long Movements. Instead, You Are Learning Simple, Effective Responses And Movements That Can Be Applied In Many Situations.

I'm including the H2h Self-Defense Manual FREE with your Warrior Combatives Crash Course. The manual normally goes for $47.99

Ready to Start Your Journey to Becoming a Warrior!?

The WCA Crash Course is a REVOLUTIONARY and BRUTAL collection of essential fighting techniques that will give you the tools to survive in a real, life-or-death situation…

These 7-days, I am offering it to you for only $29.

The reason why I am making this so affordable today is Hook-Up the Loyal Subscribers of Dan Fagella and Fightauthority.com

I believe and hopefully you can see that these skills and techniques are essential to anyone seeking to learn self-defense.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. This is a limited-time one-week offer only, after that, the price goes back to $149.

Normally: $149- Limited Time Offer: $29

Yes! I Want to Learn to FIGHT, WIN and SURVIVE!

- Limited Time Offer: $29 -

Remember, this training program is designed to give you what you need to fight, survive and tap into your Warrior Spirit. The program includes some of the most effective, instinctual and combat-proven techniques you'll ever learn.

You'll easy be able to defend against all types of attacks and end the fight without taking serious damage.

This package I'm putting together for you: The Warrior Combatives Crash Course, with the FAST-ACTION BONUSES: the H2H Combat System Manual AND the 5 Secrets to Freak Strength are valued at OVER $220!

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Why you may ask? It's simple - I KNOW this program has improved the fighting ability of ALL my students that I have trained. It's effective, it works, and it's what YOU need to gain the confidence to defend against the "shit" that happens in the world.

It happens everyday to "normal" people just living their lives .... If it happens to you - ask yourself:  Can you Fight, Survive and Win?

I want to give you that ability.

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Thank you for taking the time to hear about the Warrior Combatives Crash Course.  I look forward to working with you to help YOU develop your Warrior Instinct and start on your path of becoming the Warrior you were meant to be.

Your Friend,


Sensei Matt Bryers

Warrior Combatives Academy
Jiu-Jitsu and Strength Academy

229 Shunpike Rd
Cromwell CT 06416

Take the WCA - Crash Course Today!

Tap into your Warrior Instincts and learn to defend yourself simply, instinctually and naturally.




I know that the WCA Crash Course are the techniques, tools, and training you need to develop your Warrior Instincts and Natural Fighting Ability. But, I want to you to be 100% confident that you’re making the right decision. So… I’m going to give you a guarantee that ensures you made the right decision.

If you decide to finally develop the confidence to defend yourself, your family, your girl, your friends… whoever; I’ll let you test-drive the Warrior Combatives Academy WITH the Fast-Action Bonuses (if you’re one of the first 300) for 60-Days at MY RISK.

Take the courses, watch the videos, and interact with me in the private training group.

I guarantee you’ll be completely satisfied with the program, and that it’ll teach you to develop your Instinctual Warrior Fighting Ability. And if it doesn’t, you can return the program and get 100% of your money back anytime within 60 days. No hassles, no questions asked.

As your instructor, I recommend that you try out the wCA – Crash Course AND the Fast-Action bonuses before I update the price and remove the bonuses.

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WARNING: The combat techniques and strategies that you are about to learn are highly dangerous and should only be used when a life is severely under threat. These techniques can and WILL cause severe harm and/or death. They should NOT be used for "fun" or for "show". As a Civilian, walking away is ALWAYS the first option. If you decide to use these techniques – your life MUST be in danger.

By purchasing this Limited-Edition Warrior Combatives Crash Course, The H2H Combat System and the 5 Secrets to Freak Strength you agree to take full responsibility of any actions or consequences that may arise from the wrong use of this program.

Take the Warrior Combatives Academy Crash Course Today!

Yes! I Want to Learn to FIGHT, WIN and SURVIVE!

- Limited Time Offer: $29 -