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Affiliates ("Partners") Wanted!

Hi guys!

This is Matt Bryers from the Warrior Combatives Academy (WCA).  I am looking to work with you personally to help make you some serious commission!

The Self-Defense and Modern Fighting Niche (MMA, UFC, Jiu-Jitsu) is FAST Growing!  But maybe as you've seen... there's not a lot of great affiliate opportunities in this niche.

That is about to change!

8 Reasons You'll be Wanting to Earn Commissions from Us

  • Marketing Experts: We have a 7+ Figure Marketer, Top Copywriter, and in-house designer working all working to grow this brand
  • Expert Copywriting: All of our copy has been revised and edited by a published author.
  • FAST Growing Product Series: We have a huge product line that is expanding by the day and that will cover all areas of Combat and Self-Defense
  • Professional Courses: Our course structure and products are packed with great content and organized to keep purchasers happy
  • World-Renowned Self-Defense / Fight Experts: This is not some "kid" marketing a "how to fight" product, we have true combatives experts growing this brand
  • HOT Niche!: Self-Defense, MMA (UFC) and Survival are HOT right now and only getting hotter!
  • We Work WITH You: We don't just provide you a link and wish you well. You'll have a dedicated manager working with you the whole time.
  • Custom Promotions / Content: Our expert panel of combat experts and marketers allow us to create custom campaigns AND content for you!

Current Product List

WCA - Crash Course

The Crash Course is comprised of 5 E-Learning Courses, with 25 Videos, and a Private Access Forum to interact with customers.  The program is designed to teach customers how to defend themselves using their instincts and natural reactions.

  • Normal Price: $149
  • Sale Price: $29
  • Your Commission: $74.50 (normal) or $14.50 (sale)

WCA - Street Weapons Defense

This course contains 4 Modules and 20 videos.  The  course takes the reality of dealing with common street weapons - such as a gun, knife or a clubbed type of weapon.  The course also goes into the psychology and principles of dealing with someone with a weapons, and in the situations where a weapon may present itself.

  • Normal Price: $129
  • Sale Price: $25
  • Your Commission: $64.50 (normal) or $12.50 (sale)
  • Can used as upsell

WCA - Combat Wrestling (Oct 2014)

Wrestling is the oldest sport known to man - but also a necessity for Modern Combat (MMA, Jiu-Jitsu, etc).  Gold-Level Olympic Certified Wrestling Coach Stephen Makein has developed a Combat Wrestling program for Self-Defense and Sport Fighting.

  • Normal Price: $149
  • Sale Price: $29
  • Your Commission: $74.50 (normal) or $14.50 (sale)
  • Can used as upsell

WCA - Certification Program (Jan 2015)

WCA Certification Program is comprised of 3 Levels.  Each level contains ~100 techniques to learn.  Online students can learn the material, but also receive one-on-one coaching through Matt Bryers.  This is a membership based product.

  • Option #1: Monthly Price: $27.99
  • Option #2: Year Paid in Full: $300
  • Your Commission: $13.99 a month or $150 a year
  • Can used as upsell

We Cater to Your Needs


We're in this together.  We're not out to just get you to send one email, or post an ad, and then call it a day.

We want to work together with you to create a lasting relationship.

Need Custom Graphics - no problem!

Want us to run specials and offers specific to you - no problem!

Have an idea to improve our offer - lets hear it!

Just let us know, and we'll work together to make this work for everyone.

We want to support you earning big-commissions in any way we can.

You are a Professional and Deserve to be Treated Like One.

Our Promise: We treat our affiliates like professional partners.  Expect random gifts, bonuses for performance and more importantly our continued work in-house to build new landing pages, optimize / test conversions, monitor stats, and always increase the commissions you're making.

Warning: All that being said, we're looking for ethical partners and practices.  We're not looking for people who think they can play - we're looking for partners who have experience and want to make some serious money in this FAST growing Self-Defense / Fighting Niche.

Ready to Go?

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