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knife Training clip 1

Knife Training : is now available to you for £5 in a downloadable quality format at masterwongshop

JKD ‘Weapon Training':
Master Wong’s JKD Weapon Training will teach you the hard and fast reality’s of how to defend and use knife and stick in the real world. Expect lightning fast take downs, and effective techniques that can be used against the most common situations, by practicing in real time you will develop the natural confidence and ability you will need in order to pull out these tools should you ever need them.

Now available to download from Masterwongshop, save money and receive the latest training products form the Master Wong System straight to your computer! When you buy this product we will send you a username and password for you to access training content.
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No Lie Blades knife training Demo

LMI Inc. has teamed up with Nolie Blades to provide some of the best defensive knife training available. In this short video, you will see why going for your weapon might not always be the best thing to do.

A lot of instructors out there tell the student that they MUST go for their pistol, or their knife, and use that weapon against the attacker to stop the attack. Most of the times, that is NOT the best option. These same schools do not use real speeds, or use unknown attacks when attacking.

This video was made to show you the results or a ‘REAL STREET SPEED ATTACK’..

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