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A frustrating problem in modern martial arts is the overwhelming amount of absolute crap that you can find out there. I’m sure this isn’t a new problem, people have been trying to scam and get one over each other since the beginning of history, but with the popularity of the internet and with YouTube especially the amount of access we have to these charlatans is greatly increased. What used to only be found in the back of comic books, magazines, or by word of mouth can now easily be accessed by anyone very easily. How many absolutely awful “Women’s Self Defense Tips” type videos have we seen in the past several months?

I know not all the crappy martial artists out there on YouTube are intentionally trying to scam people, some are victims as well. They were roped in earlier and bought into the bs they were taught. And the popularity of Mixed Martial Arts makes this a confusing problem as well. People can easily see what is basically the closest thing to a street fight regularly, yet many are led to believe these Ki masters and terrible self-defense instructors. I simply do not understand how in this day and age a person can still believe that whole “Our art is too deadly to spar” crap that these frauds rely on to rope in their students. I trained in the Marine Corps martial art when I was on active duty and that’s a straight combat art where the main objective is to kill your opponent as quickly as possible, and guess what, we still sparred! I know guys that train stick and knife fighting and they still spar. There is no art that is “too deadly to spar”, yet people are still conned in.

I’ll be going over a few of my favorite bs martial arts that popular around the YouTubes. I’ll be going over Ninjas, which will probably be my largest section seeing as I’m an 80’s baby and grew up with them; Ki Masters, cause they’re funny; and bad self-defense, because this can be a true problem and wind up getting people hurt. So let’s dive right in and see some bs martial arts.


I was born in 85 so I was a kid during the height of the ninja craze and I loved me some ninjas, Raphael will always be my favorite Ninja Turtle and I rep him often, but with the slightest research it is fairly easy to realize that many of these so called “ninja masters” are totally full of it. And then with a moderate amount of research you can find evidence that historically ninjas may not even existed at all. I highly recommend checking out ThePinkMan’s Youtube channel, he has done a lot of research into the whole ninja fraud, much more than myself, and has many excellent videos on the topic that interject humor with serious subject manner.

(Did Ninja’s even exist)

If you are like me you most likely grew up watching Jean Claude Van Dam movies, especially Bloodsport. This is still one of my favorite old school martial arts flick and it is great as a movie, but once that caption at the end comes up saying it was all true it turns that story into a complete farce. There are countless articles and videos exposing Frank Dux as a fraud, so I’ll over go over some bullet points on his life of lies.

  • Was in the Marine Corps in Vietnam though he didn’t enlist until 1975 and the U.S. began to exit in 73
  • Received the Medal of Honor. Very easily debunked
  • Super Spy who was groomed for a life of spying since he was a child. And there’s a video of him on some day time talk show wearing an eyepatch like he’s Big Boss.
  • Won the Kumite and got 56 KOs in one tournament in 1975. There are not enough people in the world to have 56 fights in a single elimination tournament
  • Much much more

If you are interested in learning more of his lies I highly recommend going to ThePinkMan’s channel on Youtube.

Slightly less well known than Dux is Robert Bussey, there isn’t too much information out there on this guy even though he was huge in the 80’s and 90’s during the ninja craze. He was the founder of Robert Bussey Warrior International, which is claimed to have been the largest ninjutsu school, that he has since dissolved. A couple of his RBWI students even fought in early UFCs, Scott Morris was almost the first casualty in MMA, and Steve Jennum won UFC 3 fighting only once.

(Scott Morris vs Pat Smith)

Outside of his website it’s difficult to find any info on Bussey, a few forums but it seems most has been removed. This is very odd seeing as he was dubbed “The King of Combat” in his prime and was a darling of Black Belt magazine and other Karate magazines. To me it seems he has done some amazing damage control to hide that his stuff is pretty hokey. But I will just leave my favorite training video of his and let you make your own opinion on his art.

(Robert Bussey Pain Points)

And lastly we will go over is the world famous member of The Black Dragon Fighting Society; Radford Davis, or as he is more commonly known; Ashida Kim. Ashida Kim has written numerous self-published books on ninja and their techniques, and has made countless videos during the early days of the internet. Mr. Kim is also known for his famous $10,000 challenge. But unlike the Gracie challenge where the winner would win the money, Ashida Kim required the challenger to pay him $10,000 and required many other ridiculous stipulations ensuring no one would actually challenge him. He has also been known to sell blackbelts not only for his ninjutsu, but for other martial arts he has no qualifications in. (Ashida Kim Selling Blackbelts)

There are endless videos of his providing hours of entertainment, but his Kinji-Te video may be the most ridiculous. The techniques are very sloppily performed, he claims each one will kill or seriously injure, and they’re just ridiculous. Just watch for yourself and judge.

(Ashida Kim Dim Mak)

Those are just some of the famous “ninja masters” out there on the internet, but there is an endless supply of them around. I could probably write an entire book on just fake ninjas, so for the sake of time and energy we’ll move on to our next type of bs artists; the Ki masters.

Ki Masters:

Ki Masters are the most confusing of all the bs martial artists, Ki blasts have be debunked numerous times yet people are still believing these people and giving them their hard earned money. Ki masters claim that every living creature has an invisible energy field around them, and that with proper training a person is able to control this energy and even control or knock out a person without touching them. Of course someone would have to have a high enough Midichlorian count to achieve this. All kidding aside, these people are basically claiming The Force is real and they can control it.

Many of these swindlers, such as George Dillman, began as pressure point fighters (which we showed in the Robert Bussey video) who eventually started teaching the plausibility of no touch knockouts to their unfortunate students.

(George Dillman Pressure Points)

Besides the fact that there is zero evidence that you can actually knock someone out with these pressure points, have you ever actually tried to hit such a small precise target during an actual fight? It is nearly impossible. Professional fighters generally aim for a much larger target, the chin, and fail regularly. Pressure points are completely useless even if they did work. So after people began to realize this, people such as Dillman began to profess that they could control The Force and incapacitate people that way. Now watching these Ki Masters work with their students, it seems like they are truly magical, but every single time I’ve seen them try with a non-student they fail quite humorously.

(Dillman Fail)

(Ki Fails)

So with that we are moving right into our next bs artists, the awful self-defense teachers. See you in the next section

Awful Self Defense:

This section is a little different than the other two, many of these instructors don’t seem to be straight up con artists like the ninjas and ki masters, they seem to have good intentions but are highly misinformed. Some of these are just women who learned very bad techniques and are trying to help other women stay safe. These types I don’t want to straight up insult, I want to find real schools that teach true self-defense and train under pressure.

(Women’s Self-defense)

And others are just straight assholes

(Damian Ross)

These types of bs artists I take a bit more personally than others, having to defend yourself is a very real possibility for the types of people seeking out these instructors, and having awful techniques with little live training can seriously get people injured. Self-defense is a very serious topic and people need to be shown simple and effective ways to protect themselves and the ones they love, they do not need misinformed teachers or teachers who just make up their own junk and teach it to make a quick buck. If you or someone you know is looking for real self-defense, please do your research to ensure you are not being swindled. There are numerous resources on the internet discussing instructors and many videos of trained fighters actually testing some of these moves under more realistic circumstances.

(Trying bad self defense)

This is just scratching the surface of a large problem in martial arts. You can look up slews of YouTube videos on bad martial arts instructors and laugh for hours. While many of us who have trained a bit can see through the bs and laugh at these people, there is a large number of people who continue to be conned by these instructors and are surrendering hundreds of dollars each month. That is the dark side of all these funny bs videos, people are being taken advantage of. Hopefully people will start to research their martial arts more thoroughly and these swindlers will eventually go away. Sure we’ll lose the entertainment of watching these idiots, but people will no longer be scammed by terrible instructors and that’s a trade I’m willing to make.

Hope you enjoyed reading about some bs martial artists and hope it has inspired you a bit to go train in a good art. I’m partial to Jiu-Jitsu personally, but find what works for you and what you enjoy and I’ll see you on the mats. Oss

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