The Kimura is one of the most powerful submissions in all grappling arts and MMA.  Yet, the kimura is much much more than just a submission.  The Kimura, when used correctly is like a cranking and controlling weapon that you have over your opponent.

It comes from Japanese Jujitsu, but is also one of the most comment “grappling controls” in any marital art.  From a Jiu Jitsu perspective, it can be used to from guard to submit, sweep and chain to different submissions.  From top side or north south, it can be used to submit or switch to arm attacks.

This is a kimura technique is from John Danahers “Kimura: Enter The System.” His approach to attacking the kimura, and all his techniques are very methodical and make complete sense.  He is a true master of the language of jiu jitsu.

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