Dean Lister is an absolute master of foot locks.  He has submitted some of the best in the world with foot locks, especially the straight ankle lock.  A conversation with Dean Lister and John Danaher is one of the main inspirations for Mr Danaher learning, incorporating and teaching leg lock attacks to the Danaher Death Squad.

The old fashion grip is too easy to defend, the thought behind it is that having the hands together will provide more control and power.

Dean Lister uses a Guillotine choke grip to attack the straight ankle lock. This provides you with more power and is more of a natural based movement, especially for strength athletes.

Dean highly recommends using the middle of your forearm against the top of the heel of your opponent’s foot. The control is further secured by locking the hands down and pulling your elbows down with good posture. Dean says that most people will tap to him just setting up the foot lock before he even lays back.

The submission finish is like a shrug, the arms, traps and back muscles are involved to finish the straight ankle lock.

Another important detail is where you put the other foot. He uses the foot to isolate the other hip so that your opponent can’t escape, or attack the heel hook in other ways.

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