Knee on Belly Pressure Submission

Knee on Belly Pressure Submission Rafael "Formiga" Barbosa shows the most effective way to finish the knee on belly submission. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu technique The knee on belly position is great for controlling your opponent while transitioning,…

How to Train Martial Arts Skills for Real Self-Defense

How to Train Martial Arts Skills for Real Self Defense There is a process for learning and to train martial arts skills for Self Defense.  It's not a simple as training one martial art technique.  You need to test and train those skills…
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Kimura Attacks Switching to Alternative Arm Bar by John Danaher

The biggest problem that we face in jiu jitsu when attacking the kimura is simply moving the hand from the front to the back.  While this may seem simple in nature, there are a lot of components to this. According the John Danaher, the kimura…
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De La Riva Sweep to Bow and Arrow Choke by Jay Wadsworth

BJJ Black Belt, Police Office and Competitor Jay Wadsworth is a master at using the de la riva guard to attack to the back with bermibolos and fancy inversions. His favorite choke is the bow and arrow choke.  He's got some great details…

Shin on Shin Guard Sweep Counter by Dante Leon

Check out the shin on shin guard counter with Dante Leon.  Dante is one of the Modern Jiu Jitsu's rising stars.  He's known for his dynamic guard and has quickly established himself as one of the most dangerous young BJJ black belts. The…

Side Kimura Switching Elbows by John Danaher

The Kimura is one of the most powerful submissions in all grappling arts and MMA.  Yet, the kimura is much much more than just a submission.  The Kimura, when used correctly is like a cranking and controlling weapon that you have over your…
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Butterfly Guard Armbar

Quick and dirty arm bar from the butterfly guard.  Great for guys who have shorter legs and can attack the hips with the feet and then lock up the arm at the shoulder level.
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Belly Down Straight Ankle Lock: In Gi: By Luiz Panza

Luiz Panza is one of the best foot lockers in IBJJF Competitions. Attacking the feet in BJJ competitions is typically not seen as often in limited rules no gi grappling. There are 2 reasons for this. One, there are limited rules for foot…
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Tai Otoshi Throw with Jimmy Pedro - Judo for Jiu Jitsu

4x Olympian and US Olympic Judo team coach Jimmy Pedro shares a very nice body drop or Tai Otoshi judo throwing technique with some potential modifications for the Brazilian jiu jitsu game.
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The Best Straight Ankle Lock with Dean Lister

Dean Lister is an absolute master of foot locks.  He has submitted some of the best in the world with foot locks, especially the straight ankle lock.  A conversation with Dean Lister and John Danaher is one of the main inspirations for Mr…